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Clear and timely communications are critical in healthcare. Dropped calls, poor signals and faulty data connections are simply not acceptable when patients’ lives are on the line.

Keeping your team on the move with advanced voice and data connections requires more than excellent mobile phones like the Spectralink Versity 92 and Versity 95. You also need the support of a centralized mobile management tool like AMIE® (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises).

Let’s take a look at how Spectralink backs up Versity smartphones with AMIE to offer your team versatile, highly durable mobile phones with state-of-the-art voice and data connections.

Industry-Leading Healthcare Smartphones

The Versity 92 is an enterprise-grade smartphone that recently won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its sleek design and functionality. The Versity 95 actually packs in much more power and versatility for multitasking clinicians. Together, these two phone options give you the tools you need to keep your entire team in touch with patient needs and each other.

A cracked screen can critically compromise the functionality of touchscreen smartphones, making applications unusable or even affecting the antenna. The Versity 92 and 95 are built with high-performance glass that makes them practically immune to breaks, cracks, dust, liquids and even hospital-grade cleansing agents.

Dark haired healthcare worker wearing stethoscope uses Spectralink mobile device

Both the Versity 92 and Versity 95 come with a replaceable battery that can support up to 15 hours of talk time, thereby eliminating the risk of downtime. The Versity 92 battery is easy to change in just seconds. The Versity 95 battery is hot swappable, so you can actually change it while you walk, talk and access information.

The Versity 92 and 95 both come with programmable buttons that make it easy to access the functionality team members need most. They also offer an optional scanner, which is ideal for scanning patient wrist bands for check-ins, medical history and prescription information. Both phones are engineered with optimized chipsets for fast data access and high-quality microphones to provide superior voice quality and roaming capabilities.

Versity 92 and 95 offer a comprehensive suite of communications options and work with leading healthcare apps to address any specific needs your facilities may have. They also feature alarm buttons that clinicians can activate if they or their patients are in danger.

Centralized Mobile Fleet Management

Healthcare facilities can be large in both size and number of workers. That’s why it pays to back up your Versity smartphones with our centralized mobile management tool AMIE.

AMIE’s incredibly user-friendly dashboard can be easily accessed from any workplace location. With minimal training, your IT or telecom team can use AMIE to:

• Set up, manage and regularly update all of the phones in your network
• Monitor call quality and diagnose critical communication issues
• Trace poor connections and dropped calls to either network or phone issues
• Determine where devices are needed most in any department or shift
• Keep patient data safe and secure
• Locate missing devices

The ability to deploy a whole fleet of mobile phones at once is incredibly useful. You can set up each phone with precisely the tools needed for any particular role, as well as limit access to things like social media channels that aren’t necessary on the job.

Nurses and doctors visit dozens of rooms during any given shift. If they misplace a phone, AMIE is able to locate it and get them back on the network as quickly as possible. AMIE also sends out automated messages to remind team members when batteries are low and need to be replaced, ensuring that they remain in constant communication.

AMIE helps you closely monitor network traffic so you’re able to locate and mitigate dead zones and weak cell signals that can interfere with your team’s workflow. There’s simply no better way to keep your team connected while they’re on the move and caring for patients.

To learn more about how Versity smartphones and AMIE can transform your healthcare operation, fill out the form below and one of our healthcare experts will get in touch.

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