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Device Analytics

AMIE® (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises) is a sophisticated analytics tool that helps IT and telecom teams troubleshoot mobility issues with ease. It provides valuable insights to help manage shared devices and clear visibility into the health and performance of your mobile ecosystem.

If you want to maximize your communication solution investment, AMIE is unlike any other analytics platform on the market. Because AMIE’s user-friendly dashboard provides real-time visibility into the health and usage of your mobility solution, it’s never been so easy to diagnose fleet issues and analyze call performance while keeping everything operating smoothly.

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What keeps your IT and telecom teams up at night?

Lack of IT resources
for maintaining
distributed solutions

continuously monitors network performance and automates many functions

Poor voice quality
is always blamed
on phones

call performance analytics distinguish between device and network issues

It takes too long
to resolve work-halting
service disruptions

sends alerts when your system
needs attention so you
can take proactive action

Deploying, configuring and
updating devices is
painstakingly slow

streamlines deployments with
bulk configuration and
automates updates

Save money and time by resolving device issues before they happen

60 – 110 minutes of lost productivity from each device failure
40 – 60 minutes of IT support time needed to fix the issue
$20,000 in annual support and lost productivity costs per worker

AMIE to the rescue!

AMIE simplifies the management of shared devices as well as minimizes disruptions and downtime. It helps you quickly identify and resolve issues by:

  • Giving you visibility into the performance of your entire fleet of phones
  • Proactively monitoring and alerting you to device and network issues
  • Sharing performance analytics for troubleshooting call quality concerns
  • Giving you secure access to its centralized dashboard anywhere you work

AMIE for Wi-Fi

SpectraLink WiFi smartphonesAMIE for Wi-Fi is available in two tiers to meet your Versity Series management needs.

AMIE Essentials – Support the management of Versity smartphones.
  • Streamline device provisioning
  • Configure and manage all user applications
  • Monitor battery health and maintenance needs

AMIE Advanced – Proactively manage your Wi-Fi devices

All of the AMIE Essentials features plus:

  • Track missing devices and who had them last
  • Balance device utilization across users, departments or shifts
  • View call-performance analytics to see if issues are with devices or network
  • View access point signal strength and handoff performance
  • Take advantage of proactive monitoring and alerting

AMIE monitors everything

AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT

Keep your Spectralink IP-DECT system up and running

AMIE for IP-DECT helps you:

  • Streamline provisioning by configuring servers remotely
  • View system status across all locations, servers, base stations, handsets and users
  • Roll out new firmware to servers, base stations and handsets with a single click
  • Automate backups and remotely restore for disaster recovery
  • Maintain reliable call quality with system performance data
  • Receive proactive alerts when the system requires attention


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