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Whether education means schools, a community college, or a major university, we have solutions to keep staff and students connected.

The new normal in education

Covid has driven changes in every way possible in education. As institutions focus on adapting to the new normal, which has a new culture and vision, technology plays a pivotal role. And, above all, the safety of both staff and students is paramount.

Educators are rarely, if ever, tied to their desks. They are often moving their students from classroom to classroom in a school setting or moving from lecture to lecture across campus in a university setting. And, these educational institutions are evolving to larger campuses that can be spread out and might even be stretched across cities, creating challenges when it comes to visibility and automation. Due to this growth, mobile communications is no longer a nice to have but a must-have to maintain standards of teaching across expansive environments.

Connecting classrooms and campuses

Additionally, education also relies on an entire ecosystem of support teams from administration to janitorial to cafeteria to safety officers, and they all must stay connected and need proper technology to do their jobs across campuses.   Reliable, efficient telecoms services and workplace productivity are now critical in education environments when collaboration, communication, safety, and productivity are essential.

How Spectralink Makes Mobility Work for Education

Increased operational efficiency

Teachers and administrators can access information and perform tasks from anywhere, reducing downtime and improving response times.

Enhanced communication

Mobile devices facilitate real-time communication between students, teachers, and administrators, improving collaboration and student support.


Helping staff keep themselves and students safe in emergency situations is now critical.

Improve the quality of communications

Spectralink’s enterprise mobility features ensure the entire school’s communication is organized and efficient. Keep staff connected with reliable, uninterrupted, industry-leading voice and messaging in a solution that can be centrally deployed and managed.

Enable workforce productivity

Leading application integration, including paging, voice recognition, alarms, secure messaging, single sign-on, and location services, as well as education-specific applications and cross-team collaboration with integration to most UC vendors, ensure greater efficiency and arm staff with the latest technology as the sector evolves to get the job done.

Facilitate safety and security

Helping staff keep themselves and students safe in emergency situations is now critical. Staff need tools to request assistance in health emergencies, active shooter situations, or any other plight in which safety is compromised. Spectralink’s panic button, built-in motion detectors, and push-to-talk features ensure that all staff can stay connected in any situation.


Find the Right Solution

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