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DECT Solutions

Enabling Excellence with the Ultimate Multi-Cell Solution

Seeking an uncompromising enterprise wireless phone system to empower your business? Look no further than Spectralink’s IP-DECT solutions – the definitive answer to secure and reliable  communications for your dynamic workforce.

Our multi-cell infrastructure ensures uninterrupted connectivity as your team navigates across departments, floors, or buildings, with smooth j handovers from cell to cell. With Spectralink, scalability is limitless, accommodating up to 100,000 users. Seamlessly integrate our solution with industry-leading UCaaS providers like Microsoft Teams, Cisco, RingCentral, and ZoomPhone, granting your deskless employees access to a powerful toolkit. Elevate your enterprise connectivity – choose Spectralink IP-DECT today.

Truly Enterprise DECT

Our cutting-edge enterprise DECT portfolio is tailor-made to supercharge on-site mobile workers with an array of features, including calling, messaging, and alarm notifications. Your organization’s mobile communication needs are our priority.

Unmatched Flexibility

Spectralink’s modular family of Spectralink IP-DECT Servers redefines flexibility and scalability, ensuring seamless growth as your business expands. Transitioning from on-premise PBX to UCaaS or cloud platforms? We’re your unwavering companion throughout the journey.

Continuous Connectivity and Insights

With AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT, uncertainty becomes a thing of the past. Simplify the management of extensive multi-site DECT deployments. AMIE transforms complexity into clarity, offering comprehensive insights and clear visibility through an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard tailor-made for Telecom and IT administrators.

Unrivaled Security and Reliability

We’ve set the bar for security, safeguarding your data and calls with the (highest security standards in the industry). Our feature-rich, dependable handsets are purpose-built for critical industries, providing your workforce with tools designed for enhancing job efficiency and satisfaction.

Tailored for Excellence

Our solution is a testament to precision engineering, carefully curated with an optimal feature set that empowers your users. Bid farewell to limitations as Spectralink seamlessly integrates mobility into your operational reality.

DECT Servers

Within the Spectralink DECT Server Series, you’ll discover a selection of wireless server options tailored to businesses of various sizes. Spectralink servers offer flexibility and scalability, seamlessly aligning with your calling platforms, whether on-premise or hosted in the cloud. Embracing open standards, Spectralink DECT servers (integrate) with numerous third-party applications, and their adaptability can be fine-tuned to match your unique requirements.


VIP-DECT Server One
Enterprise-wide DECT connectivity at scale



IP-DECT Server 6500
On-site mobility for mid-to-large enterprises



IP-DECT Server 400
On-site DECT mobility for small and medium-sized businesses



IP-DECT Server 200
Single-cell DECT mobility solution for small business and remote sites



DECT Server 8000
Modular and customizable DECT on-site mobility solution for medium to large enterprises


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DECT Infrastructure

Deploying base stations and supplementary infrastructure guarantees comprehensive coverage throughout your entire premises. Placing multiple DECT or IP-DECT base stations across your site creates an expansive wireless coverage zone featuring smooth call handover and roaming. Complementary infrastructure, such as repeaters and external antennas, can also be incorporated to further amplify coverage across your facility.

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S Series Handsets

S Series handsets are reliable, durable, and secure to support the daily demands of in-building deskless workforces. Loaded with features, S Series is designed to empower your teams with the right tools for more efficient communication and collaboration on the move. Available in three models to provide the right solution for workers across many industries.


For voice-centric roles


For communication and safety


For industrial or high-risk environments

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Specialized DECT Solutions


ATEX Solution

Spectralink partners with Funktel to recommend a versatile and fully integrated Funktel ATEX-certified DECT solution that provides the market with next-generation robust industrial personal emergency signal handsets.

Tetronik logo

Lone worker Solution

Combines leading alarm server technology from Tetronik DAKSpro with our DECT handsets. The system enables the triggering, transmission, and location of deliberate and automatic alarms and is applied for the DGUV-compliant protection of employees in dangerous lone-worker situations.

Ensuring it just works

Industry-leading DECT solutions require industry-leading support. Spectralink Professional Services for DECT provides comprehensive solutions to support and enhance your DECT infrastructure. Our team of experts offers design, deployment, optimization, and ongoing support services to ensure your DECT solution meets your specific business requirements. With our deep understanding of DECT technology and industry best practices, we help you optimize performance, improve efficiency, and maximize the value of your DECT investment.

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