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Healthcare Mobile Communication and Collaboration Solutions

Spectralink clinical mobile devices enable modern healthcare by seamlessly integrating with hospital networks and leading healthcare applications. The result? Improved workflows, better communication among care team members, and more efficient resource deployment.

Improved care coordination powered by a Spectralink clinical smartphone reduces the potential for errors and enables clinicians to spend more time with their patients. Designed specifically for healthcare settings, Spectralink’s mobile devices feature:

  • Unmatched voice quality for clear communication among care teams.
  • Access to critical healthcare or facility information from anywhere.
  • Integration with leading healthcare applications such as EHR/EMR, Nurse Call, Patient Monitoring, Secure Messaging, Clinical Safety, RTLS, and more.


Clinical communication solutions designed to streamline workflows and improve patient care

Do more while carrying less

With Spectralink, we simplify your tools into a single multi-purpose device, expertly integrating with your hospital’s communication system for one unified solution. Now you can reach who you need when you need them—with immediate and reliable voice, text, or other alerts, all in a durable device that fits easily and comfortably into a scrub pocket and that can withstand cleanings with hospital-grade disinfectants to help you stem the spread.​

Make the conversation clear

You need to be heard wherever you are, on the job. Lives depend on it. Yet the constraints of the hospital, the overhead alarms, the thick walls, even the elevators—can get in the way of making a clear call.

With Spectralink Voice Quality Optimization, VQO™, you get the clarity and reliable voice communication you need. This engineered system delivers superior voice quality, ensuring your users can stay in touch with peers, doctors, lab personnel, and anyone else they need to reach. Quickly. Reliably. No matter what environment you are in.

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Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C)

Learn about the apps we integrate withHillrom

CC&C applications on a Spectralink clinical smartphone take secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging and care team collaboration to the next level for enhanced patient care. Care teams can safely exchange critical information in real-time, from patient handoffs to lab results, to prescribed treatments, and collaborate more effectively on treatment plans.


Connect to your EHR/EMR

Learn about the apps we integrate withOracle Cerner

Integration with leading EHR and EMR providers enables medical documentation at the point of care. This integration eliminates the need for clinicians to log in and out of PC terminals, providing more immediate access to patient information, and provides entire care teams with the same information view.

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Patient monitoring

Learn about the apps we integrate withPhilips Healthcare

Patient monitoring applications and Spectralink mobile devices means the clinician remains connected to their patient even when away from the bedside. Spectralink clinical smartphones feature large color displays that are readable in various lighting conditions. Patient vital signs and waveforms are easily accessed, even on the go.

Clinical safety

Spectralink devices integrate with leading safety applications and are equipped with one-touch, silent panic buttons and programmable emergency cascades such as automated alerting – including details of the patient situation – facilitating timely, informed responses in emergency situations.

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Fully integrated unified communication and collaboration (UC)

A unified communications (UC) platform enables caregivers to connect with each other for real-time collaboration and data exchange. Using tools such as instant messaging (IM), web conferencing, voice mail, and email improve responsiveness and ensure the timely exchange of information for enhanced patient care.

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Mobile device management (MDM/EMM)

EMMs (Enterprise Mobility Management solutions) are all-encompassing solutions that help secure critical business data, while the MDM (Mobile Device Management) component is the part of the EMM responsible for managing and securing the mobile device.
IT Administrators use these to control what apps users are allowed to put on a device, to push applications out to users, to encrypt device storage, maintain a standard setting across user groups or the enterprise, enforce strong password protection across devices, lock or wipe a device if lost, and much more.

Real-time location systems (RTLS)

A real-time location system (RTLS) automatically identifies and tracks patients, staff, and medical equipment within the hospital walls. The solution detects the current geolocation of an individual or item.

Purpose built devices

Our clinical mobility solutions