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Solve communication challenges across your manufacturing plant

Spectralink device being used in a manufacturing environment.

Spectralink can help ensure reliable communications at every level of your business. With our network coverage and voice quality, we can help personnel stay connected with colleagues or external callers in the noisiest of environments. Workers on the plant floor will appreciate the reliability and durability of our handsets. Staff working alone will be safer thanks to both user-operated and automatic emergency alarms. Plus, tracking and routing inventory will be easier with our barcode scanning capability.

Our unique solutions integrate wireless systems with production monitoring equipment, so communications are streamlined throughout the facility no matter where users are—even in environments covering millions of square feet across multiple buildings, or in difficult coverage areas.

Your enterprise manufacturing communication solution

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We deliver essential voice quality

With Spectralink wireless solutions, manufacturing employees can roam freely while always being in reach – without sacrificing coverage or clarity. Our wide range of products lets people connect easily, whenever and wherever their role takes them. This is key to maintaining a productive manufacturing environment.

We reduce downtime

Any delay can decrease output and waste labor resources. This can directly impact a business’s bottom line, not to mention their reputation. As such, our phone solutions are uniquely designed to cut response times and make plants more efficient. With our combination of wireless systems and production monitoring equipment, manufacturing personnel can quickly and accurately convey vital information.

We help troubleshoot problems instantly

If something goes wrong, the issue needs to be fixed fast. With Spectralink devices, manufacturing managers will receive alerts directly to their devices. Then, they’ll be able to quickly find the closest technician using the real-time location system. Technicians can then view details of the problem and discuss the situation over the phone while en-route.

We keep workers safe

Manufacturing environments are some of the most dangerous. Not only are they vast, but they’re also loud too. And they’re often filled with mechanical and chemical hazards. Employees can use our phones safe in the knowledge that the panic buttons and built-in motion detectors are linked to their security system and central control room. They can use the push-to-talk function to get in touch with co-workers quickly. And, if an accident does occur, they can use the emergency alert at the touch of a button.

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