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Personal Safety with Spectralink SAFE

Staff safety should always be a priority, and protecting your deskless mobile workforce is no exception. No matter what your industry, your staff may find itself in unpredictable situations, from unruly patients to active shooter situations to a staff member experiencing duress when they are alone. With Spectralink solutions equipped with SAFE technology in hand, the help they need is ALWAYS available at the push of a button.

The Staff Safety Problem

  • Around two million US workers experience workplace violence each year 
  • 693,000 UK workers sustained non-fatal injuries in 2019/20 contributing to an estimated total of 6.3 million working days lost 
  • Extensive legislation in Europe and Australia to protect workers 
  • $121 billion annual losses are attributed to workplace assaults
  • $3 or more is saved for each dollar invested in workplace safety

Those who work with money, the public, or alone are at greatest risk:

  • Healthcare, e.g., emergency, and psychiatric units  
  • Retail, e.g., theft and merchandise loss 
  • Manufacturing/Industrial – lone worker 

Spectralink Safe 

In many life-threatening situations, wasting precious time to find a landline to call for help could result in catastrophe. There are also times when sounding a silent alarm is the safest option so as not to alert an assailant. By putting a Spectralink device equipped with SAFE in your employees’ hands, you are giving them a lifeline and peace of mind that help is just the press of a button away.


And, our safety technology does not stop at the emergency call button. Available on most models of our DECT and Wi-Fi phones, Spectralink SAFE also integrates to detect situations where a worker has fallen and may need assistance. So even if someone may not be physically able to sound an alarm – we still have you covered with our motion detection sensors and alarms built right into our devices.

On the go, unable to move, or even incapacitated—Spectralink SAFE enables lone and mobile workers to quickly summon help, and offers peace of mind on the job.

How Spectralink SAFE can help: 

Duress/Panic Button 

If invoked, an automatic alarm call is triggered, and notification is sent to a monitoring application 

“Running” Notification 

If the handset detects a user is running to an emergency or from a risky situation an alarm is triggered 

Tilt Notification 

If the handset is tilted from its usual position due to an emergency, a notification will be triggered 

“No Movement” Notification 

If the handset remains stationary, an alarm will indicate the user is no longer moving and an incident has occurred 

Tear-off String (DECT Only)

If the tear-off string is detached from the handset, an automatic alarm call is triggered

Custom modifications
Spectralink allows each user to configure their SAFE settings to their individual needs. Besides the tilt angle in the case of man-down alarm, we also allow the configuration of a pre-alarm as well as a detection time and how the alarm sounds with vibrate function, display text, icon, LED flash, and/or sound.

For more information on the SAFE functionalities on each of our devices, please visit the User guides on the Spectralink support site.

Spectralink SAFE for Healthcare 

Because healthcare workers are in contact with many different types of people in high-stress situations every day, they face a higher risk of workplace violence – nearly 75% of workplace assaults occurred in a healthcare setting. Unpredictable situations arise with potentially violent patients or workplace dangers. 80% of Emergency Medical Services personnel have been attacked by patients.

  • 78% of Emergency Department physicians and 100% of Emergency Department nurses have experienced violence from patients within the last year.
  • The annual incidence of physical assault in a psychiatric setting is 70%.
  • Among nursing homes with dementia units, 59% of nursing aides reported being assaulted by patients weekly and 16% daily.
  • 46% of nurses reported some form of workplace violence during their five most recent shifts.

Rave Mobile Safety

hospital violence

Spectralink SAFE for Manufacturing

Workplace accidents can be devastating to manufacturers. From complex machinery and forklifts to power tools and manual handling, the very ‘hands-on’ nature of manufacturing is also one of its biggest risks.  There are also many factors that can increase the sector’s risk, particularly for lone workers. For instance, unsociable hours, loud workspaces, and low visibility can make supervision and emergency response difficult.

An employer’s responsibility to their lone working and at-risk staff is clearly marked out by each country’s Health and Safety rules; Germany has even made it a legal requirement to have alarms for lone workers.

Spectralink SAFE for Retail

A busy retail environment is also a place where safety on the job is paramount. From lone employees working in isolated areas to fronts of the store with belligerent customers or dangerous equipment, your staff needs a tool in place to keep themselves and your patrons safe.

  • The top five injury causes in Retail environments, including falls, workplace violence, and being struck by objects or equipment, account for over $4.01 billion in costs
  • Staff in bakery and meat departments using dangerous equipment or stock staff using heavy machinery need to be able to call for help easily and quickly in the event of an accident.
  • Spills in the aisles can lead to slips and falls that our Tilt sensors can help to detect.
  • Active shooter situations now pose more of a risk to retail establishments than fires. In fact, active shooter protocols and training have become commonplace in retail environments, with NRF (National Retail Federation) even releasing a guidebook on how to deal with this unfortunate situation. Giving staff the ability to silently summon help and communicate about the situation is now a critical need for retail staff.