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Our solutions help clinicians deliver exceptional patient care by having critical real-time data at their fingertips

Modern Healthcare in Motion 

New treatments, technologies, and data sources are redefining how healthcare is delivered. Clinicians are required to communicate, collaborate and securely access sensitive data while providing exceptional patient care in an increasingly mobile environment. While this new wave of healthcare delivery holds promise, many hospitals are constrained by outdated clinical communications systems and disparate data sources. This lack of cohesion can result in inefficient workflows which can impact patient satisfaction, clinical safety, and resource optimization.

Modern Healthcare requires that specialists and caregivers have access to critical data from multiple sources. Spectralink clinical mobility solutions provide the platform in which to unify data sources and workflows. This ensures that clinicians have secure, immediate access to the most up-to-date patient information – streamlining productivity and improving patient care.

Wherever you are – you need critical information at your fingertips

  • Receive data directly,  wherever you are
  • Monitor alerts, test results, medication status, infant protection
  • Reduce response time
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Minimize stress and footsteps
  • Prioritize needs and manage alarms 
  • Maintain activity log and archives

Healthcare is an inherently mobile business. Nurses, physicians, and technicians often have to go to the patient, so they need full access to EHRs and other information wherever they are. That’s why phones are a necessity of care. The rise of digital information means caregivers need more of that information at the bedside, close to the point of care. 

 Clinicians are using mobile devices to collaborate, access the patient’s EMR, and do many of the tasks that previously only happened at a workstation.

Spectralink clinical mobile communication solutions

Spectralink empowers hospitals to deliver better patient care with our clinical mobility solutions that integrate seamlessly with hospital networks and leading healthcare applications. With 30+ years of experience serving the healthcare market, our solutions offer superior voice quality and secure, compliant data access throughout a healthcare facility. The benefits of clinical mobility include:

  • Improved workflows
  • Better communication and collaboration among care team members
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Efficient resource deployment
  • Faster clinician response time
  • Optimized costs
  • Clinicians get to spend more time with their patients
  • And most importantly, better patient outcomes and satisfaction

Purpose built devices

Our clinical mobility solutions

Our Healthcare Mobile Communication Solutions

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Spectralink provides clinical mobile devices that enable patient-centered collaboration across the continuum of care. Our mobile communication solutions integrate seamlessly with leading healthcare applications and innovation partners – helping to improve patient outcomes and experiences, optimize workflow efficiency and put caregivers back at the patient bedside – where they matter most.


4 Core Workflows Supported by Spectralink Clinical Mobility

  • Communication: Simplifying how you communicate with and about the patient. This is simply how caregivers talk to one another be it voice or secure texting. For three decades, Spectralink has been recognized for our superior voice quality.
  • Documentation:  Empowering clinicians to document and deliver care in the moment regardless of computer availability. This is how caregivers document the patient’s medical experience via the Electronic Medical Record with rounding tools and validation of medications and procedures. By having a tool at their fingertips at all times, caregivers are empowered to make better decisions and be more responsive to their patient’s needs.
  • Notification: This is how caregivers receive alarms and alerts. Be it a bed exit alarm or system alarm associated with the patient’s physiologic condition; the caregiver can respond immediately which saves the patient from further harm. It manages how you control alarm fatigue and disruption.
  • Information: Having information at the caregiver’s fingertips enables users to access critical information about the patient, the organization, or various processes and procedures. Having access to the apps that enable process and provide additional insight into care is vital to clinical workflows.

Healthcare Priorities we can help with

Improved Patient outcomes

Access, update, and share electronic health records (EHR) without leaving the patient’s side.

  • Faster response to alarms and alerts
  • Distribution of clinical decision support
  • Real-time PHI updates with mobile EHR
  • Automated adherence to mandatory clinical workflows/standards
  • Maximizes available professional time of clinicians and care professionals
  • Improve workflow efficiency/reduce patient stay times
  • Auditable routines analyzed for process improvement and compliance management
  • Faster and more informed clinical response times for improved patient outcomes

Staying connected on the move

Coordinate care and respond faster to alerts and alarms in an environment where mobility is essential. Ensure nonclinical workflows support clinical efficiency.

  • More efficient execution of facilities, ancillary and equipment tasks, and less waste
  • Optimize availability of facilities and equipment through transparent, automated, location-based supplies/dispensary/porterage management
  • Automate ancillary service status and information to ensure cleaning, sterilization, etc provides optimum availability of facilities
  • Better protect against other threats such as fire, chemical spill, intruders, etc

mobile tech for care team safety

Protecting patients, workers, and data

Protecting patients and employees against harm and control infection by keep lines of communication open around the clock.

  • Automatically implement incident escalation routines
  • Improve rapid response times for improved patient safety and implementation of legal duties
  • Implement and audit response standards
  • Ensure first and second responder cascade happens robustly and automatically
  • Link/access existing information and data systems for optimum outcomes
  • Trigger response and escalation routines automatically, including responder cascade
  • Locate ‘man-down
  • Improve rapid response times for staff at risk
  • Implement legal duties to protect staff and create an attractive working environment for staff retention

Reducing costs

Do more with a single device – from the bedside to the back office.

  • A higher value of EHR
  • Efficient delivery of apps and data
  • HIPAA/PHI Security
  • Lower TCO
  • Converge existing systems onto a single mobile platform

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