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AMIE® Advanced for IP-DECT

A cloud-based solution management platform for IT and Telecommunication Administrators to monitor IP-DECT servers, base stations, and handsets. AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT provides centralized provisioning, detailed analytics of system performance, automated and scheduled tasks, and proactive alerts when the infrastructure needs attention.


As the IT Manager of a large enterprise with several IP-DECT servers, hundreds of IP-DECT base stations, and thousands of users and handsets, management can easily become overwhelming. Any downtime or problem can be critical to the running of the business and can cost money and productivity. How does one IT manager handle all the sessions at the same time? AMIE for IP-DECT is here to help.


Benefits of AMIE

AMIE Advanced saves time and $$$ by providing centralized administration for service and maintenance

AMIE Advanced places a strong emphasis on information needed to manage your entire DECT network.

AMIE Advanced provides unique integration and visibility that only Spectralink can provide.

What is AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT?  

AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT is a cloud-based service supporting mission-critical mobility for optimal team performance and workflow efficiencies by providing a simple, user-friendly interface for centralized administration and control of servers, base stations, and handsets.

The dashboard provides a full operational view of the DECT System’s performance by location, so IT and Telecommunications Administrators can solve problems before issues occur with better access to IP-DECT network performance information.

Administrators can automate and schedule tasks, like firmware updates, across multiple locations with just a few clicks from one screen and receive proactive alerts when the infrastructure needs attention

How AMIE Solves IT Administrators’ Biggest Concerns:   

How mobile device management helps manage your DECT solution

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  •  Orchestrate control of your DECT system infrastructure from one location with centralized configuration and management 
  • Increase productivity by avoiding disruption and downtime. Always know the status of your servers and base stations, including call volume and distribution  
  • Safeguard call quality by monitoring user experience on the network and call volume data to ensure that the network is supporting the necessary load for optimal communications. 
  • Receive proactive alerts when there is a problem with the resource load on a given server  
  • Provide always-on communications and quick and competent support to resolve any issues 
  • Save time and money by automating and scheduling backups of all your IP-DECT Servers and base stations, updating handset software, and rolling out new firmware for base stations and servers centrally from one location