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Industry-Leading Mobility for Retail

The reality for retailers – you’re facing a more complex buyer journey than ever before. Today’s tech-savvy shoppers have a world of information about products, prices, and options that are only a click away. To win sales, you need to empower your retail associates with the same data and mobility tools to meet customer demands for enhanced service capabilities and personalized care.

But the good news: successful retailers are leveraging Spectralink’s enterprise-grade mobility solutions to deliver real-time, user-friendly, and relevant information to grow your relationships, revenue, and competitive advantage.

We help major retail chains such as Lowe’s, Macy’s, Kroger, and Meijer to streamline operations, enhance in-store communications and deliver insight-rich customer experiences.

Create A Better Customer Experience

To enhance customer service through information, Spectralink’s mobile solutions integrate seamlessly with leading retail applications to help you provide personalized service to shoppers at every stage of the buying journey.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Using a retail-optimized mobility solution like Spectralink can help you gain measurable efficiencies by enhancing in-store communication, better coordinating staff, improving task management, and optimizing inventory and distribution management.


Drive More Omnichannel Sales

Even in today’s omnichannel world, 85% of consumers still prefer to shop in stores – even if they purchase online to pick up in-store. Spectralink’s retail solutions help you stay competitive and deliver the best possible shopping experience to your customers.

Give Associates the Power to Do More

Store associates who are empowered by Spectralink’s mobile solutions can become your most knowledgeable and influential assets. Armed with the latest information on products, pricing, promotions, and inventory, they can anticipate and meet customer needs – driving revenue and loyalty.

Our Retail Mobile Communication Solutions

Spectralink delivers enterprise mobility solutions that enable retailers to successfully compete in the omnichannel world. Our purpose-built mobile devices integrate seamlessly with leading retail applications to provide personalized service to shoppers at every stage of the buyer journey. We’ve helped global retailers streamline operations, enhance in-store communications and deliver insight-rich customer experiences.

Our solutions…

Build Brand Loyalty and Affinity

  • Improved customer experience
  • Personalized, in-store assistance
  • Faster, easier checkout
  • Convenient delivery options

Improve Operating Efficiencies

  • Real-time customer insights
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Simplified task management
  • Improved product visibility

Fuel Sales Growth

  • Customer convenience – more purchase, delivery options
  • Tailored conversations and offers
  • Endless aisle across the supply chain
  • Merged omnichannel experience

Designed specifically for retail

Spectralink’s mobility solutions help to improve employee and customer satisfaction with enhanced customer care, increased operational efficiency, omnichannel sales, and a knowledge base all from your device.

With Spectralink you empower your associates to deliver a superior customer experience


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Our retail mobility solutions

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