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Technology Details

Our 84 Series is a Wi-Fi feature phone that delivers on the fundamental need for enterprise-grade voice quality and a dependable user experience, no matter how tough the environment.

If a mobile worker needs a single device that is exceptionally reliable and extra-durable, with simple-to-use buttons and interfaces, then 84 Series might be the workhorse they need. Designed with the requirements of on-site workers in the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries in mind, the 84 Series unites the most critical elements of workplace communications within a single mobile device.

The Spectralink 84 Series handset empowers workers to deliver the absolute best care, service, and response times in any situation, optimizing efficiency and resulting in improved safety, sales, and satisfaction.


  • Investment Protection: 84 Series’ tough, rugged design ensures drops, damage, or harsh cleaning agents are not a problem and your device will last for years to come, protecting your investment and bottom line
  • Critical Communication Enablement: Industry-leading voice quality better than the competition, eliminating any miscommunication that could be critical for patient safety or customer satisfaction
  • Simple form factor featuring physical buttons means your solution is easy to use and your workers can communicate immediately with no need to remove gloves or unlock devices

Communication Enablement

84 Series connects all mobile workers, whether they are working in a large multi-site facilities or clean room, and delivers business crucial
communication, requests, or alarms instantly. The handsets support text alerts, instant messaging, and Push-to-Talk functionality, making it easy to instantly reach colleagues and eliminating the need for two-way radios or overhead paging. And, with a wide range of personal
safety features such as man down and panic button, mobile workers are safe no matter where the job takes them.

84 Series is for mobile workers:​

  • With basic Application needs such as inventory control, logistics management and staying connected with the team
  • With more voice communication needs than data (calls and texts instead of emails)
  • Who need a reliable, durable device for harsher environments
  • Who need a device with an extended battery life for uninterrupted communications

With Spectralink you get:

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  • Market-leading enterprise wireless voice. With our proprietary noise suppression and echo cancellation
    capabilities (Voice Quality Optimization™, or VQO™) you get crystal clear voice quality you can count on
  • Access to our world-class ecosystem of application partners to ensure your workers have the tools they need to get the job done
  • The best call control UC interoperability in the industry – 30+ years of experience integrating with leading UC platforms


How 84 Series can support your industry

84 Series Chargers and Accessories

Complete your communication solution with 84 Series chargers and accessories. Spectralink offers versatile charging options, including multi-battery chargers and dual charger. The standard charge time is 3.5 hours to 100%. Back-up battery, case, and clip options extend convenience on the move. Chargers and accessories are compatible with 8440 and 8441 devices.

84 Series Dual Charger

The Dual charger charges a handset and battery and spare battery pack. There is a single LED for each slot. The handset slot charges first followed by the battery pack slot. The handset will display charging information on the LCD in standby state. Power supply sold separately.

84 Series Multi-Charger

The Spectralink 84 Series 12-Bay Multi-Charger is an assembly of three Spectralink 84 Series Quad Chargers on a rack that can be mounted on the wall or on a desk. The unit charges up to 12 batteries simultaneously (batteries not included).


84 Series Quad Charger

The Quad Charger charges four separate spare battery packs simultaneously. There is a single LED for each slot. Tabletop or wall mount options. The Quad Charger allows users to save time and improve productivity in maintaining a supply of charged battery packs in multi-shift environments. Power supply sold separately.

84 Series Battery Packs

There are two easy-access cosmetic battery capacity options: Standard – for up to 8 hours talk time, 80 hours standby time. Extended – for up to 12 hours talk time, 120 hours standby time.

Vinyl or Silicone Carrying Cases

The carrying case fits snugly around the handset providing added protection. Available in clear or black.

Swivel Clips

Attach your device to your side for convenience on the go. The swivel clip is screw-mounted to the device for extra durability.

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