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S Series Handsets

Reliable. Durable. Dependable.

A new level of communication, productivity, and safety from the industry’s leading DECT experts 

With crystal-clear voice quality and reliable connectivity, S Series handsets keep deskless workers connected, anywhere on-site. Designed for teams in motion, the rugged-built handsets feature large displays, icon-based menu structures, and lightweight designs and deliver unparalleled telephony, secure messaging, and critical safety features to workers anywhere on the job. Plus, with over-the-air configuration and updates, managing your solution has never been simpler. 

Product Highlights: 

  • 2.4-inch high-resolution display  
  • Crystal-clear voice quality 
  • Rugged designs 
  • Alarm button & programmable side button* 
  • Support for leading applications and UCaaS platforms like Microsoft Teams 
  • Easily managed with AMIE® 
  • 3 handset model options 


S Series: A rugged, scalable, and secure solution for any workplace.

Never Miss a Call
Easy to Use on the Move
Making Communication Work Where You Work
Keep Staff Safe
A Reliable Solution from DECT Experts
Keep Your Solution Running Smoothly
  • Crystal-clear voice quality with dual microphones for echo cancellation and noise suppression
  • User-selectable audio profiles for quiet, normal, and noisy environments so calls are heard comfortably all environments
  • Employees remain reachable while moving around large sites resulting in more answered calls

*Features are model dependent

A Handset for every user

S33 – For voice-centric roles

The S33 makes communication simple. It’s intuitive and reliable, resulting in more answered calls, employees that can be reached anywhere on the job, higher job satisfaction, and improved customer or guest experiences.

S35 – For Communication and Safety

The S35 provides communication and beyond with industry-leading voice quality, messaging, ruggedness, and safety features so mobile workers are equipped with a reliable solution to perform job functions on the move.

S37 – For Industrial or High-risk Environments

The S37 is the premier choice for communication and lone worker security providing a rugged and reliable handset to stay connected, and advanced safety features to signal for help when working alone.

Which S Series Handset is Right for Your Business?