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Versity 96 Series

Take mobility to the next level with Versity 96

Versity 96 Series enables communication, documentation, notification, and information on the move. 

This rugged, best-in-class, enterprise-grade LTE cellular-enabled smartphone enables true anywhere, anytime communication and collaboration inside and outside the four walls. It is easy to use and the perfect solution for zero downtime in voice-critical, 24×7 environments that demand superior power and application functionality.

With both LTE and Cellular capabilities, you can take your Versity 96 Series from place to place with no loss in coverage. Versity 96 Series has an IP68 rating and is loaded with features like a hot-swappable battery, programmable buttons, and an optional scanner. It’s engineered with optimized chipsets and high-quality microphones to provide superior roaming capabilities and leading voice quality. Put it all together, and you have the premium smartphone solution for enterprise mobility.


Always-On Communications with LTE.* If the job requires working outside the main facility, such as providing care in the community, moving between plants, delivering curbside orders, or walking between buildings where the coverage might be lacking, having an LTE-enabled device ensures the user is always available. Wi-Fi over LTE also allows users to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and LTE calls. The mobile number on the SIM can also be connected to a user’s internal extension ensuring they never miss a call or notification again. Versity 96 Series becomes the one device your workers need. *Not available in the United States


Versity 96 Series empowers staff to do everything their job requires with a single device in hand. Programmable buttons provide quick access to useful applications, hot-swappable batteries prevent charging delays, and the optional built-in scanner provides fast and accurate barcode scanning on the go. Versity 96 is where voice and data converge in an all-in-one, world-class solution for improving workflows with ever-expanding application integration and certifications.


Versity 96 hardware and software follow industry-leading security standards to protect your company data. Versity 96 Series is also equipped with native Spectralink SAFE features, including an alarm button to protect your employees, customers and patients in emergency situations. Versity 96 Series takes away the worry in high-stress, dangerous environments.

Go beyond with Versity 96 Series

Never miss or drop a call
Be accessible, anytime, anywhere
Built to last
An all-in-one device so you can carry less
Stay safe, secure and informed
Easily manage your fleet of Versity 96 Series devices
  • The industry’s unmatched leading voice quality is designed for tough environments when hearing every single word – the first time – is critical
  • Versity 96 keeps communication crisp and clear with more microphones and antennas than any competitive device
  • Our proprietary noise-suppression and echo-cancellation capabilities (Voice Quality Optimization™ or VQO™) ensure crystal-clear voice quality
  • Enhanced roaming and scanning capabilities with dedicated antennas provide superior connections and the most reliable call quality on the market