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Versity 96 Series enables true anywhere, anytime communication and collaboration inside and outside the four walls.

Designed with industry-optimized capabilities to provide mobile workers access to information in the palm of their hand, Versity 96 empowers employees to know more, do more, and accomplish more with a sleek, lightweight, and powerful tool. Certified with leading application partners and designed with built-in components like Push-to- Talk, Spectralink SAFE, hot-swappable battery, and optional scanner, Versity 96 is the all-in-one device to get the job done.

Always-On Communications with LTE*

If the job requires working outside the main facility, such as providing care in the community, moving between plants, delivering curbside orders, or walking between buildings where the coverage might be lacking, having an LTE-enabled device ensures the user is always available. Additionally, it provides peace of mind for always-on communications acting as a backup if the Wi-Fi fails. Versity 96 becomes the one device your workers need.

Wi-Fi over LTE also allows users to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and LTE calls. The mobile number on the SIM can also be connected to a user’s internal extension ensuring they never miss a call or notification again.

*LTE is only available in EMEA/APAC


• With both LTE and Cellular capabilities, you can take your device from place to place with no loss in coverage
• Sleek and compact form factor fits easily in one hand or pocket
• Rugged design to perform in harsh environments without damage from drops or cleaning solutions
• Crystal clear, engineering optimized voice quality for communication in noisy environments
• Built-in optical scanner (9653 version) for fast and accurate barcode scanning, even in low light
• LTE capabilities allow the workforce to carry just one device and stay connected at all times

Versity 96 Series Enables Workforce Productivity

Versity 96 supports leading applications, including paging, messaging, voice recognition, alarms, secure messaging, single sign-on, and location services for uninterrupted communication on the move. Spectralink mobile application partners offer access to a wide range of communication and industry-specific applications that ensure greater efficiency and real-time communication for mobile workers. Vertical specific applications include nurse call, patient monitoring, inventory control, and access to hotel service systems. Plus, Versity 96 has access to a broad collection of Android-based applications, including Google Mobile Services, to ensure technology stays current.

Mission-critical availability

  • Versity 96 has a true hot-swappable battery. Users can swap out the battery while using an app or on a call without missing a beat. This means zero downtime and no lapses in mission-critical operations or communications.
  •  Versity 96 Series’ superior engineering provides optimized “anywhere communication” with in-building Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC, giving you all the wireless connections you could ever need. No need to stay tied to a landline, find a phone to answer an overhead page, or worry about losing a call or information access on the move.
  •  Versity 95 Series SAFE or ‘man down’ features provide workers with the reassurance of safety anywhere on the job.

User-Friendly Design

• Versity 96 eliminates the need for multiple devices like landlines, scanners, and laptops. At 6″ tall and only 12 mm thick, Versity 96 delivers a sleek and lightweight enterprise-grade device.
• Large 5.2″ touchscreen with 1080 x 1920 resolution and Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core 2.2 GHz processor supports mission-critical applications and easy readability in the palm of your hand
• Users can easily assign dedicated keys to access their most-used device features and applications — such as Push to Talk, secure messaging, or the scanner.

Mobile Analytics Platform

Avoid downtime and optimize operations with AMIE™, Spectralink’s enterprise mobility intelligence solution for IT and telecommunications administrators. We developed AMIE to provide answers and solutions to the biggest questions and concerns like battery management, device location, and device performance. The AMIE dashboard streamlines deployments diagnoses fleet issues and assesses call performance to keep mobile workflows operating smoothly.

With Spectralink you get:

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  • Market-leading enterprise wireless voice. With our proprietary noise suppression and echo cancellation
    capabilities (Voice Quality Optimization™, or VQO™) you get crystal clear voice quality you can count on
  • Access to our world-class ecosystem of application partners to ensure your workers have the tools they need to get the job done
  • The best call control UC interoperability in the industry – 30+ years of experience integrating with leading UC platforms

Use Cases

How Versity 96 can support your industry

Versity 96 Series Chargers and Accessories

Complete your communication solution with Versity chargers and accessories. Spectralink offers versatile charging options with capabilities to power up multiple devices and batteries simultaneously. Standard charge time is 3.5 hours to 100%. Back-up batteries and belt clip extend convenience on the move. Chargers and accessories are compatible with Versity 9640 and 9653.

Versity Multi-Charger Base

Multi-Charger Base is compatible with Desktop Dual Charger and Desktop Battery Charger and can fit any combination of 4 chargers. Includes power supply.

Versity Desktop Battery Charger

Desktop Battery Charger chargers two Versity battery packs simultaneously. Can be used as a standalone unit or used with the multi-charger base. Power supply not included, order separately if using the charger as a standalone unit.

Versity Desktop Dual Charger

Desktop Battery Charger charges one Versity smartphone and one spare battery pack simultaneously. Can be used as a standalone unit or used with the multi-charger base. Power supply not included, order separately if using as a standalone unit.

Standard Versity Lithium-ion Battery

Desktop Battery Charger chargers two Versity battery packs simultaneously. Can be used as a standalone unit or used with the multi-charger base. Power supply not included, order separately if using the charger as a standalone unit.

Versity Power Supply

Compatible with Desktop Battery and Desktop Dual Chargers. International outlet adapters included.

Versity Belt Clip

Black belt clip for Versity smartphones.

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