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Versity 95 Series enables communication, documentation, notification and information on the move

Versity 95 has an IP68 rating and is loaded with features like a hot-swappable battery, programmable buttons and an optional scanner. It’s engineered with optimized chipsets and high-quality microphones to provide superior roaming capabilities and leading voice quality. Put it all together and you have the premium smartphone solution for enterprise mobility.


Versity 95 improves your bottom line by enabling 24×7 communication and collaboration that leads to superior customer and patient experiences. UC-ready features include crystal-clear voice quality, advanced roaming capabilities, a truly hot-swappable battery, native texting capabilities and Push-to-Talk. All this means your team members will never miss critical communication.


Versity 95 empowers staff to do everything their job requires with a single device in hand. Equip your team with the best-in-class device that more than half of the Top 10 healthcare institutions in the U.S. use. Programmable buttons provide quick access to useful applications, hot-swappable batteries prevent charging delays and the optional built-in scanner provides fast and accurate barcode scanning on the go. Versity 95 is where voice and data converge in an all-in-one, world-class solution for improving workflows with ever-expanding application integration and certifications.


Versity 95 hardware and software follow industry-leading security standards to protect your company data. Versity 95 is also equipped with native Spectralink SAFE features, including an alarm button to protect your employees, customers and patients in emergency situations. Versity 95 takes away the worry in high-stress, dangerous environments.

Go beyond with Versity 95

Never miss or drop a call
Be accessible, anytime, anywhere
Built to last
An all-in-one device so you can carry less
Stay safe, secure and informed
Easily manage your fleet of Versity 95 devices
  • The industry’s unmatched leading voice quality is designed for tough environments when hearing every single word – the first time – is critical
  • Versity 95 keeps communication crisp and clear with more microphones and antennas than any competitive device
  • Our proprietary noise-suppression and echo-cancellation capabilities (Voice Quality Optimization™ or VQO™) ensure crystal-clear voice quality
  • Enhanced roaming and scanning capabilities with dedicated antennas provide superior connections and the most reliable call quality on the market

Why Spectralink?

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Spectralink is where voice, data and handheld mobility converge in industry-leading, enterprise-grade devices. Our mobile phones outperform the competition when it comes to battery health capabilities, voice quality, portability, durability, device management and professional services. We have the right people backing up our products to make mobility work for you.

Use Cases

How Versity 95 can support your industry

Versity 95 Specifications

V9540 WIFI Smartphone
V9553 WIFI Smartphone w/ barcode scanner
Operating System
•   Android™ OS 10
•   Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core 64-bit
•   4xKryo Gold cores @2.2GHz
•   4xKryo Silver cores @1.8GHz
•   64GB Storage
•   CPU Memory 4GB
Radio Frequencies
•   2.4 and 5 GHz
•   (802.11 a/b/g/n/d/h/i/k/r/u/ac)
•   5.2″1920 x 1080 high-definition display
•   Damage resistant Corning Gorilla glass™
•   Luminance 450nits
•   5-point touch, glove capable, wet screen usable
•   Oleophobic coating
Wireless Connectivity
•   Support for Spectralink Voice Quality Optimizations (VQO)
•   Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 2×2 MIMO, WFA Certifiable
•   NFC, ISO 14443, Tag Types 1-5
•   Bluetooth 5.0
•   Handsfree Loudspeaker: 70db SPL @ 50cm
•   4-mic, echo cancellation, noise suppression, ultrasonic range
•   Receiver Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation
•   Audio jack (3.5mm), 4-contact, CTIA
Battery/Charging/Talk Time
•   True hot-swappable batteries (3020mAh)
•   Internal battery supports 60 sec. of operation while exchanging main battery
•   External Phone Charging Contacts (7 external pins)
•   Talk time (using Spectralink BizPhone): Up to 15 hours
•   Standby (connected to Wi-Fi): Up to 160 hours
•   Non-scanner: 204g / 153 x 76 x 12mm
•   Scanner: 214g / 153 x 76 x 17mm
•   Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Proximity, Ambient Light, ToF Ranging
•   Front facing camera 8 MP fixed focus
•   World facing camera 13 MP auto focus w/ flash
Barcode Scanner
•   Industrial 1D/2D
•   Illumination: Red
•   Aiming beam: Red (610nm LED)
•   Captures data >24 in./60 cm away
Wired Data Interface
•   USB3.1
•   Type-C Connector
User Interfaces
•   Buttons: Power, Alarm, Volume up/down
•   3 user configurable buttons
•   RGB LED notification (diffused)
•   Vibration (motor >1.4g peak)
•   Near Field Communication (NFC)
•   HD voice and integrated full-duplex speakerphone
Dust/Liquid Resistance
•   IP68 – protects against water and dust ingress
•   Water resistant – survives water submersion > 1 meter for 30+ minutes
•   Exceeds multiple 26 drop cycles from 6 ft (1.8 meters) onto a steel plate per MIL SPEC 810G
•   Recessed display for screen protection
•   Chemical and Disinfection resilience
•   UV sanitizable
•   Operational temperature: 32 104° F (0 40° C)
•   Storage temperature: -22 -140° F (-30 60° C)
Quality of Service (QoS)
•   Spectralink Voice Quality Optimization™ (VQO™)
•   Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM)
•   WMM-Power Save
•   DSCP tagging
•   Fingerprint sign-on capable
•   Pin authorization for shared devices
•   WEP, WPA-Personal, WPA2- Personal, WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1X (EAP-TLS, PEAPMSCHAPv2) with Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC) and Cisco Client Key Management (CCKM)
•   HTTPS secure configuration and monitoring
Networking Standards
•   Manual or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
•   Domain Name Service (DNS)
•   Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)
•   Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
•   XML and XHTML
Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)
•   Integration with all available sensors
•   Integration with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for low power scanning
Charging/Accessory Support
•   Modular multi-charger system (Desktop charger, battery charger, multi-charger base)
•   Desktop Battery Charger (2 batteries)
•   Desktop dual charger (phone/battery)
•   Universal Power Supply for Charger base
•   Standard lithium-ion battery
•   Belt clip
Enterprise-Grade Device Management
•   Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises (AMIE®)
•   Integration with major EMMs (e.g. VMWare, WorkspaceOne, MobileIron UEM, Microsoft Intune, SOTI MobiControl, Cisco Meraki MDM and IBM MaaS360)
•   Advanced Logging and Phone configuration Features
Partner Applications
•   See for list of application partners
Additional Features
•   Enterprise-grade security options
•   Push-to-Talk (PTT)
•   SAFE features (Alarm button, motion detection)
•   BizPhone Dialer
•   Programmable Buttons
•   Over-the-air configuration settings and updates
•   PBX integration (SIP direct, gateway)
•   Multilingual user interface

Versity 95 Series Chargers and Accessories

Complete your communication solution with Versity chargers and accessories. Spectralink offers versatile charging options with capabilities to power up multiple devices and batteries simultaneously. Standard charge time is 3.5 hours to 100%. Back-up batteries and belt clip extend convenience on the move. Chargers and accessories are compatible with Versity 9540 and 9553.

Versity Multi-Charger Base

Multi-Charger Base is compatible with Desktop Dual Charger and Desktop Battery Charger and can fit any combination of 4 chargers. Includes power supply.

Versity Desktop Battery Charger

Desktop Battery Charger charges two Versity battery packs simultaneously. Can be used as a standalone unit or used with the multi-charger base. Power supply not included, order separately if using the charger as a standalone unit.

Versity Desktop Dual Charger

Desktop Battery Charger charges one Versity smartphone and one spare battery pack simultaneously. Can be used as a standalone unit or used with the multi-charger base. Power supply not included, order separately if using as a standalone unit.

Standard Versity Lithium-ion Battery

Desktop Battery Charger charges two Versity battery packs simultaneously. Can be used as a standalone unit or used with the multi-charger base. Power supply not included, order separately if using the charger as a standalone unit.

Versity Power Supply

Compatible with Desktop Battery and Desktop Dual Chargers. International outlet adapters included.

Versity Belt Clip

Black belt clip for Versity smartphones.

Versity 95 Series Datasheets

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