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Deliver exceptional guest experiences

Seamless communication is essential for delivering customer experiences that build reputation, drive loyalty and inspire positive social reviews. Spectralink helps your team share information and coordinate workflows so they can anticipate guests’ needs and live up to their highest expectations.

Ensure five-star quality service

Spectralink solutions give hospitality workers the tools they need to deliver superior customer service 24/7. High ambient noise levels and expansive square footage are no problem for our flexible, versatile, scalable, and customizable solutions. Our phones will work with your existing infrastructure and won’t drop calls – even on cruise ships. From hotels to cruise ships to casinos to large sports venues, a Spectralink solution can keep your entire hospitality facility safe, entertained, and running smoothly.

How Spectralink Makes Mobility Work In Hospitality

Improved guest experience

Mobile devices provide guests with a convenient and personalized experience, from check-in to check-out.

Increased operational efficiency

Employees can access information and perform tasks from anywhere, reducing downtime and improving response times.

Increased revenue

By streamlining operations and providing a better guest experience, enterprise mobility can lead to increased revenue.

Enable quality communication and collaboration

Whether assisting guests or providing a quick way for teammates to exchange needed information, crystal clear Spectralink voice quality ensures that mobile staff can address customer needs anytime.

Cutting costs and increasing revenue

Streamlining communications and workflows in an all-in-one Spectralink device means employees can focus on revenue-generating jobs, eliminating delays and helping route the closest staff to perform tasks or fulfill guest requests.

Employee and guest safety

A safe environment is crucial for guest and employee loyalty and minimizing the costs associated with reputation damage. Multiple Spectralink SAFE features allow mobile staff and lone workers to quickly and quietly reach security personnel.


Find the Right Solution

See our Interactive Decision Tree to find out what solutions are right for your team.