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Unified Communications

Zoom Phone

Spectralink integrates with Zoom Phone for reliable voice communication

Spectralink’s native voice interoperability with Zoom Phone enables a simple and reliable end-to-end mobile enterprise cloud solution by providing quality voice and constant communication for your mobile workforce.

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 Modern Cloud Business Communications

Zoom is here to help you connect, communicate, and express your ideas so you can get more done together.

Modern Cloud Phone System
Zoom Phone includes traditional PBX features that enable employees to talk and interact in new ways to keep businesses moving.

Centralized Management
Provision and manage users and intelligently monitor business interactions with an easy-to-use centralized administration portal.

Secure and Reliable
The globally distributed Zoom cloud platform delivers secure HD audio with enterprise-class reliability and quality of service.

Our Certified solutions 


The Spectralink DECT portfolio enables large enterprises to scale deployments beyond 1,000 handsets, provide alert messaging including Lone Worker to the Zoom Phone ecosystem, and connect centralized cloud-based management through AMIE®. The Zoom Phone certification validates the calling functionality of Spectralink DECT Servers and handsets with Zoom Phone for reliable mobile communication across the enterprise. All 7000 Series DECT handsets are Zoom Phone Certified so customers can choose the right handset for employees based on their specific requirements and needs.


Versity Smartphones

Spectralink’s Versity Family of Wi-Fi enterprise-grade smartphones provide mobile workers with constant access to data and voice for uninterrupted communication. Spectralink’s newest durable smartphone, the Versity 92, is an ideal solution for retail associates and non-clinicians in healthcare environments. The more powerful Versity 95/96 smartphone continues to be the solution of choice for healthcare clinicians and store operation team leads. Zoom Phone integrates directly with the Versity native SIP dialer application, Biz Phone, for high-quality voice communication.


84 Series

8440 Feature Phone

The 84 Series is a durable and reliable feature phone with physical buttons and a simple menu interface that provides a dependable user experience in all environments. Zoom Phone directly integrates with the 84 Series SIP dialer, providing a crystal-clear and reliable voice experience on the move. Designed for deskless workers across many industries including healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, the 84 Series unites the most critical elements of workplace communications within a single mobile device.

Visit Zoom to learn more about our certified products and contact our sales team to deploy the solution to your workforce.