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Products and Services

Spectralink provides best-in-class mobile communications for thriving businesses. If your employees need superior phone connections, secure messaging and industry-leading applications while on the go, we have just the solutions you’re looking for.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Our enhanced roaming capabilities, network assessment tools and expertly engineered Wi-Fi devices make it easy to streamline workflows, provide exceptional customer experiences and boost employee satisfaction. Our devices provide industry-leading voice quality for deskless workers.

SpectraLink Versity 95/96 phone
Versity 97 Smartphone

Revolutionizing mobile communication and collaboration, Versity 97 is the ultimate solution for demanding 24×7 environments. Featuring a class-leading processor and other leading technologies to increase productivity and efficiency anywhere on the job

SpectraLink Versity 95/96 phone
Versity 95 Smartphone

Versity 95 is the premium smartphone for deskless workers in demanding 24/7 environments. Its loaded with features for productivity on the move.

Versity 96 Smartphone

Available across Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, this smartphone has all of the features of the Versity 95, plus cellular-enabled LTE* for communication and collaboration inside and outside the four walls.
*Not available in the United States

Versity 92 Smartphone

The right solution for customers who need dependable, high-quality voice and integration with role-and-task-based applications now or as business needs grow. It’s lightweight and durable for easy portability.

84 Series Feature Phone

84 Series feature phones provide frontline workers with secure, crystal-clear voice communications on the move. Seamless integration with WLAN and leading telephony systems are why it is a popular choice for a voice-centric environment.

Multi-Cell DECT Solutions

Our industry-leading IP-DECT solutions keep your team connected when they’re on the move. Thanks to easy integration with leading UCaaS platforms, it’s never been so easy to deliver secure, high-quality voice communications to a single operation or multiple locations across your network.

DECT servers

The Spectralink DECT Server Series includes a range of wireless servers for businesses of all sizes. Spectralink DECT Servers are flexible and scalable solutions that can be easily integrated with your IP-PBX / UC Call Control platforms. Running on open standards, the Spectralink DECT servers can integrate with a long list of third-party applications and may be customized to meet your business need.

VIP-DECT Server One
Enterprise-wide DECT connectivity at scale


IP-DECT Server 6500
On-site mobility for mid-to-large enterprises



IP-DECT Server 400
On-site DECT mobility for small and medium-sized businesses



IP-DECT Server 200
Single-cell DECT mobility solution for small businesses and remote sites



DECT Server 8000
Modular and customizable DECT on-site solution for medium to large enterprises


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DECT base stations and infrastructure

Spectralink’s advanced base stations provide you with vast wireless coverage areas, plus seamless call handover and roaming. Our repeaters and external antennas extend your coverage area even further.

DECT handsets

S Series handsets are reliable, durable, and secure to support the daily demands of in-building deskless workforces. Loaded with features, S Series is designed to empower your teams with the right tools for more efficient communication and collaboration on the move. Available in three models to provide the right solution for workers across many industries.

Spectralink DECT repeater


For voice-centric roles


For communication and safety


For industrial or high-risk environments

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Device Analytics

Our mobile analytics tool AMIE (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises) provides the mobile intelligence you’ve been missing for managing your solution. AMIE’s user friendly dashboard provides real-time visibility for diagnosing fleet issues, analyzing call quality and tracking phone performance. It’s never been this easy for your IT team to deploy phones, gain actionable insights and manage mobile workflows.

SpectraLink AMIE DECT Dashboard

Services and Support

Spectralink offers comprehensive support services throughout your solution lifecycle. Our expert Professional Services team has decades of enterprise mobility experience and is committed to providing the best possible customer service. You can count on us to reduce your risk and complexity, lower your costs and accelerate your time-to-value.


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Which Spectralink products are right for your business?

Need help choosing a mobility solution? We encourage you to contact one of our experts or to explore our Interactive Decision Tree. We make it as simple as possible to choose products that will empower your mobile workforce and leverage your existing infrastructure and preferred UC platform.

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