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Philips Healthcare applications on Spectralink Versity Smartphone


Philips enterprise mobility solution provides patient data to caregivers virtually anywhere and anytime. Our solution delivers clinically rich patient information to your smartphones and other mobile devices to support informed clinical decisions and improved care coordination.

Philips CareEvent

Turns a Versity into a powerful clinical tool for receiving alarms and event notifications from your Philips patient monitoring system, nurse call systems, lab systems, and more. It provides clinical context for actionable alarms by delivering alarm and event notifications – including up to four numerics, four waveforms, and associated data from Philips patient monitors – directly to the caregiver’s Versity smartphone, so they have comprehensive alarm information. With CareEvent, you can change caregiver assignments, communicate with team members, delegate caregivers, and escalate tasks to manage workflow.

Philips IntelliVue Mobile Caregiver

This is a tool that allows you to comprehensively view your patients’ information. You can use your Versity smartphone to view live or retrospective patient monitoring information from virtually anywhere.

Workflow optimization
With Philips healthcare and a Spectralink enterprise mobility solution, it is easy to change caregiver assignments and delegate and escalate tasks. Efficient and secure, it allows you to configure your solution according to your workflow so that information is delivered only to appropriate caregivers.

Care team coordination and communication
Our Versity solution with Philips healthcare keeps care teams in touch with each other through secure text messaging and voice calls. It bridges the distance among team members, allowing them to review precisely the same patient data for coordinated care and effective communication.

Compatible with Versity 95/96 Series 

Spectralink empowers clinicians to deliver better patient care with our Versity 95/96 clinical mobility solution. Our Versity 95/96 enterprise-grade smartphone simplifies your multiple tools into a single multi-purpose device, expertly
integrating with your hospital or care facility’s communication system for one unified solution. Now you can reach who you need when you need them— with immediate, reliable, and secure voice, text, or other alerts. Versity 95/96 meets the toughest clinical durability requirements for optimal bedside care while giving clinicians real-time access to the data, teams, and tools they need,
increasing time spent at the bedside and improving patient outcomes.

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Compatible with Versity 92 Series 

Non-clinical workers make up a big part of your healthcare workforce. Effectively managing tasks, patient workflows and maintenance in a busy healthcare setting is vital to ensure timely action, improved productivity, and greater patient satisfaction and outcomes. Doing all of this on an easy-to-carry mobile device with dependable voice quality ensures that human connection and communication is always available which is a critical part of worker satisfaction and success.

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