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Mobility for Deskless Workers

Empowering Connectivity Beyond Desks

Unleash Your Deskless Worker Potential

Empower your deskless workers anywhere they work with industry-leading Spectralink enterprise mobility solutions. Deliver quick access to information, bridge the gap between colleagues and customers, and unify individuals, data, and processes for a sharper, highly responsive operation.

Enabling Deskless Worker Excellence

At Spectralink, we understand that much of our critical workforce must move from behind a desk to do their jobs, while still remaining connected. We proudly stand as advocates for mobile and frontline workers, recognizing their invaluable contributions to diverse industries.  Our solutions shine in motion – in the hands of workers on the move. Our mission is clear: to pioneer advancements in the way mobile workers communicate and address their unique challenges, irrespective of time, place, or circumstance.


The Challenges of Deskless Employee Communication

The traditional office worker has access to information and communication tools right at their desk, making collaboration and productivity streamlined and easy. What if you could provide your mobile, deskless workforce with the same simple access to communication and information from anywhere the job takes them, at their fingertips at all times? With leading mobile solutions from Spectralink that put the needs of deskless workers first, this becomes a reality.

Empower your mobile workers to succeed

Neglecting to address the mobility requirements of frontline employees can lead to significant challenges in terms of retaining staff, maintaining high customer satisfaction levels, and overall operational efficiency. Hence, it becomes absolutely crucial to equip your workforce with solutions that: Satisfy your customers, serve your guests, treat your patients, and so much more, all while putting the needs of your frontline workers FIRST with enterprise mobility that can:

  • Provide insights that improves productivity
  • Enable secure access to critical information from anywhere
  • Empower them to collaborate across locations
  • Streamline many communication and workflow tools into one simple device

All stats from Microsoft 365 Firstline Worker Playbook

What frontline workers without mobility solutions say
85% don’t receive enough communication on the job
73% need to stop work regularly to go look for information

What companies say after deploying a mobility solution

83% report higher customer satisfaction
82% see higher employee satisfaction
64% identify lower employee turnover

Direct benefits of implementing a mobility solution

34% increase in productivity
58 minutes of work time gained daily

Regardless of your industry, when you choose Spectralink solutions, you can consistently count on a range of unparalleled benefits for your unique requirements:



Prioritized Staff Safety

Our solutions come equipped with advanced features to keep mobile workers safe, such as emergency calling, Man-Down alerts, a duress button, and location services.


Unmatched Voice

Never worry that a word will be missed with Spectralink’s strategically engineered voice quality, for proven communication in even the toughest, noisiest environments.


Uncompromising Integration

Leading mobile solutions integrated with ur world-class UC and industry application partners provides your deskless workers with essential tools for optimal job performance.


Reliability and Performance

Thriving even in the most challenging conditions, our devices guarantee uninterrupted communication and unparalleled performance, setting a new standard for the entire industry.


Complete Solution Transparency

AMIE device management transforms complexity into clarity, offering comprehensive insights and clear visibility through an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard for Telecom and IT administrators.


Unparalleled Expertise

With decades of experience, we’re with you every step of the way. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, we’ll help you make the most of your Spectralink solutions.

Empower Your Deskless Workers with Our Purpose-Built Solutions

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