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Deskless Workers

The deskless worker is the face of your company, and they need to be empowered with tools to ensure customer satisfaction and productivity.

Deskless workers are the core of your business

Facilitating deskless workers with mobile devices is a powerful measure to improve mobile employees’ communication, collaboration, and engagement. Mobile devices pave the way for unified communications with frontline employees, keeping them connected, engaged and motivated.


The Challenges of Deskless Employee Communication

While most people driving the operations of an organization have information at their fingertips ––access to the corporate internet, benefits portals, and other workplace systems––deskless staff aren’t sitting at a desk. Professionals like nurses are on their feet caring for patients in hospitals, technicians on manufacturing lines build the machines we rely on, and factory or warehouse workers ensure that our Amazon packages arrive on time. They aren’t able to easily access company communications, benefits, and tools.

Mobility for Deskless Workers

Deskless workers are an essential component in many organizations, as their contributions in the field directly affect patient and customer satisfaction. Deskless workers are being pushed to be more productive than ever before, but they must be empowered in order to do so. By being given access to reliable and secure mobile devices and apps, deskless workers can gain access to their organization’s data, information, and workflows wherever, and whenever, they require.

Keeping You Connected

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