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Unified Communications


Enterprise Communications Solution for Modern Businesses

Spectralink integrates with RingCentral, a global cloud-based phone system, to support a modern and unified approach to your enterprise’s digital transformation journey.


RingCentral is an all-in-one cloud-based business communications system that integrates voice, fax, SMS, online meetings, conferencing, and collaboration.

Spectralink enterprise-grade Wi-Fi and DECT solutions integrates with the RingCentral cloud-based communication system to provide a secure and reliable way for your mobile workforce to connect, communicate, and collaborate with crystal-clear voice connections.

Our Certified Solutions

Versity 92 and Versity 95/96 Enterprise-grade Smartphones

84 Series Wi-Fi Feature Phone


Spectralink 200/400/6500 IP-DECT Servers and DECT Handset

Through our partnership with RingCentral it also provides interoperability to the leading Cloud Platforms


Visit RingCentral to learn more about the cloud communication platform, and contact our sales team to learn more about deploying a Spectralink solution to your workforce.