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Success Stories

Every day around the world, organizations in all industries are using Spectralink mobility solutions to unleash the power of their deskless workers. Whether it’s increasing productivity, improving employee engagement, saving time and costs, or enhancing customer experiences. Spectralink is committed to making mobility work and advancing our customer’s success.



ACT Health

ACT Health is the public health department in the Australian capital territory. They were looking for a solution that could be used across the public health system to help clinicians provide better care in hospitals.




After much success with the Teams rollout to home-based workers, aquatherm decided to extend the use of Microsoft Teams Phone to their employees in production and the warehouse, who needed to be integrated into the communication environment. aquatherm turned to Spectralink and their direct integration to Microsoft Teams Phone, which meant they could consolidate and simplify their migration, as they no longer needed to use an SBC server.




Arca Etichette

The Arca Etichette factory team was connected via Skype for Business and later to Microsoft Teams via an SBC; the company immediately opted to streamline its hardware and systems through Spectralink’s native Teams integration as soon as FAR Networks suggested it. In just one month, all devices were integrated with Microsoft Teams enabling mobile workers to access a broader range of tools and office-based teams to manage work more effectively on the production site.





At Jenne, Inc., the Versity 95 enterprise smartphone has bridged the communication gap within teams, between departments, and with customers and vendors, allowing their warehouse Logistics team to stay connected and responsive while working the floor, providing true convenience. Versity 95’s ruggedness, portability, large screen size, scanner, superior voice quality, email access, and UC integration have made it the perfect device for this demanding warehouse environment.





SAIPEM handles and transports fuels overseas via its large and technologically advanced drilling, construction, heavy lift, and pipelay naval fleet. They were required to equip 8 ships with a communication system that would enable reliable, seamless, crystal clear voice communications between all those aboard the ship, without blackout spots or the risk of signal reflection and loss. SAIPEM was also looking to virtualize some of its servers to reduce hardware and related maintenance costs and standardize DECT communications across the fleet.





Aafje is a healthcare organization specializing in care homes and care hotels for the elderly across 20 locations in the Netherlands. They are rolling out Versity devices to their 5000 employees.




Cicero Zorggroep

Cicero Zorggroep is a leading and innovative healthcare provider in the Netherland, they support people with a care requirement to shape their lives in a meaningful and independent way. Versity handsets are being used at Cicero Zorggroep, in conjunction with De Heer Medicom application, helping them to deliver improved care to their patients suffering from dementia.




One of the southern US’s largest hospitals

Having been a Spectralink customer for more than 10 years, this healthcare facility wanted to extend the value of its Spectralink system. The telecom manager experienced first-hand the need for a tool to manage the devices on the floor and have visibility into device and network performance. The answer? AMIE® Advanced, Spectralink’smobility management, and analytics solution.




Leading electronic vehicle manufacturer

A leading global electronic car manufacturer who had Spectralink’s 84 Series Feature Phones deployed in over 500 showrooms in 2019 decided they needed to go from a voice-only solution to a leading voice solution that also had application integration and scanning capabilities.




Leading automotive seat manufacturer

A leading automotive seat manufacturer wanted a DECT solution that was compatible with their UC strategy but also had the scale and capability for large sites and the ability for alerts and alarms.




Leading UK mobile phone operator

A leading UK mobile phone operator was having problems with the personal smartphones used by staff in the branch; they had dropped calls and poor coverage in some locations, which meant calls were not answered or returned, leading to customers complaining about the service and there was no reporting available on what calls had been made or received.




A top motor vehicle retailer

One of the top motor vehicle retailers in the UK with 150 dealerships was revaluating the solution they currently had and what was needed for the future with regard to the onsite communication needs of their employees. Having moved to Cisco, they considered Wi-Fi handsets but discovered that these handsets did not perform to the expected quality standard in their environments.




Norrland University Hospital (NUS)

NUS, is the largest hospital in Sweden’s northern healthcare region. The hospital is responsible for highly specialized care and service for 876,000 people. NUS chose to use our durable Versity Smartphones in their Neonatal Care and Stroke department in conjunction with the Philips CareEvent application.





Burger is the leading European provider of interior and exterior wooden structures. They required improved communication and chat services, to improve productivity and efficiency and benefit more from employee collaboration. The Spectralink DECT in-building wireless solution was able to offer an integrated solution, key to Burger, allowing them to use Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager.





Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) provides in-patient and community-based mental health care for people living in the Greater Manchester area. GMMH knew that the kitchen, transport, and ward staff needed clinical mobile devices that allowed employees to communicate with their colleagues in real-time, even while roaming between facilities. They chose Spectralink DECT because it is a secure, scalable solution that provided robust mobility and seamless integration with Skype for Business.




L’Occitane Group

The L’Occitane Group is a global, natural, and organic ingredient-based cosmetics and well-being products, manufacturer and retailer. L’Occitane needed a solution for 200 employees over a large warehouse. They deployed a Spectralink DECT solution as it was the best option for their needs.  Employees can now work easily with a broad mobile range as they move from one warehouse to another, or within the same warehouse and move from one stock point to another, without losing connectivity with colleagues and external calls.





Marel is the leading global provider of advanced equipment, systems, and services for the fish, meat, and poultry industries. Marel wanted to replace their traditional telephony system with a reliable DECT solution and integrate it with their Skype solution. Spectralink’s ruggedized DECT phones offered unmatched voice quality, secure data, and applications to protect lone workers, who may find themselves in unpredictable situations, ensuring they can summon help in the case of an emergency.




Land Van Horne

Land van Horne care employees approach their work even smarter and were looking for a new Wi-Fi device that would meet all their wishes and requirements, such as the ability to integrate with their chosen Wi-Fi and telecom infrastructure and be able to support workers as much as possible in their tasks. After extensive onsite testing, Spectralink Versity came out on top. A major advantage being the versatility of the Versity smartphone, meaning all communication now runs through one device.


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