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Connect Your World Through Spectralink and UC

Experience the power of Unified Communications to bring together your teams in motion. We offer many unmatched UC integration options that empower organizations to transform their communication experience. We stand out as the market leader with the best and most comprehensive integrations available, making us the preferred partner for numerous UC vendors.

Spectralink’s Unmatched UC Integrations

Microsoft Teams

Experience the Power of Spectralink’s DECT Direct Integration to Microsoft Teams Phone: Revolutionize your DECT solutions, eliminate on-premise PBXs and 3rd party SBC’s, simplify operations, and cut costs like never before!

Solutions for Microsoft Teams

Zoom Phone

Experience seamless native voice interoperability with Zoom Phone, creating an unbeatable end-to-end mobile enterprise cloud solution. Elevate your mobile workers with unrivaled voice quality, driving exceptional productivity!

Solutions for Zoom Phone


Seamlessly extend Cisco Collaboration to your critical mobile workers, providing them with superior voice quality, data, messaging, and collaboration tools, bridging the gap from UCM to Webex for unparalleled productivity and performance!

Solutions for Cisco


Join the global UCaaS cloud platform for a cutting-edge, unified approach to your enterprise’s digital transformation journey, fueling unprecedented success and propelling your business to new heights!

Solutions for RingCentral

Connecting the unconnected: Unified Communications benefits everyone in your organization

Imagine a world where your production line workers can instantly communicate with your support team to troubleshoot issues. Envision your healthcare professionals securely accessing patient data and consulting with colleagues from any location. With UC and Spectralink, these scenarios become a reality.

Step into the digital transformation journey and connect your deskless workers to new possibilities. Unlock the full potential of your workforce by embracing the power of UC integrations and Spectralink solutions. Boost collaboration, innovation, and productivity, propelling your business to unprecedented heights. With our guidance, no employee will be left behind as we navigate your digital transformation together.

Do you have outdated cabling but crave the seamless power of a UC Solution? Look no further! Our IP-DECT Gateway solution revolutionizes your connectivity, effortlessly bridging legacy systems to UCaaS, alarms, messaging platforms, and the remarkable AMIE® solution management. It’s time to unlock the potential of your communication infrastructure!

Spectralink + UC is the smart decision

Extensive Integration Options

Spectralink has cultivated strong partnerships with a wide range of UC vendors, giving us unparalleled access to integration options. Our extensive partner ecosystem allows us to seamlessly integrate with major UC platforms, including Cisco, Microsoft Teams, ZoomPhone, and more.

Proven Customer Success

Spectralink’s unmatched UC integrations have earned the trust of customers across various industries. We take pride in delivering communication solutions that exceed expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Expertise and Experience

With over three decades of experience in the industry, Spectralink has a proven track record of successful call control solution deployments, both on-premise PBX and cloud call control. Our team of experts brings in-depth knowledge and technical prowess to ensure a seamless implementation.

Trusted Partner for UC Vendors

Because of our track record of successful integrations and customer satisfaction, we have earned us the trust of UC vendors. Spectralink is the preferred choice for many UC partners, to help them reach and include deskless workers.

For Better Teams In Motion

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Step into the Unified Communications journey and connect your deskless workers to new possibilities through the power of UC integrations and Spectralink solutions. Boost collaboration, innovation, and productivity, propelling your business to unprecedented heights.