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Unified Communications

Spectralink DECT + Microsoft Teams Phone: The Winning Combination


Empower Your Entire Workforce: Break Down Silos and Drive Collaboration

Tired of juggling outdated PBX systems and disconnected communication tools? Imagine a world where everyone in your company, from office workers to those on the go, seamlessly collaborates through a unified communication system. Spectralink, the leader in DECT integration for Microsoft Teams Phone, makes this a reality. Extend the power of UCaaS to your entire workforce and unlock a new era of collaboration.

Why Spectralink? We’re the Undisputed Leader in DECT for Teams Phone

Trusted by Microsoft, Unmatched in DECT Integration: Spectralink boasts a 13-year legacy of direct integration with Microsoft, being the only DECT solution for Skype for Business. This deep partnership continues today, as we’re the only vendor with ongoing calls with the Teams SIP Gateway team. Dominating the market with a massive 50% share (as of Dec 2023) of global DECT connections to Teams IP Gateway, Spectralink offers unparalleled features and unmatched ease of use.

Beyond Compatibility, Unmatched Control:

  • Admin-managed MS Teams Menu: Customize the Teams experience on Spectralink handsets. Restrict sign-out options or tailor the interface for your needs.
  • Bulk Provisioning & Sign-in: Streamline deployment with bulk user provisioning and sign-in through the IP-DECT server GUI (up to 10 users at once).
  • Enhanced Security: Enforce company-wide communication with a Domain Whitelist, ensuring only authorized users can sign in.

Spectralink Delivers More:

While other solutions offer basic Teams integration, Spectralink goes further. We provide features like:

  • User-friendly sign-in/out menus
  • Real-time Teams status on handsets
  • Remote sign-out warnings
  • Calling features include simultaneous ringing, Global Do Not Disturb, Voicemail, Call Forwarding and Call Transfer
  • Shared line between multiple handsets (up to 3)

Spectralink: The Complete Teams Phone DECT Solution

Benefits Beyond Integration:

  • Effortless Migration: Retain your existing cabling infrastructure! Spectralink’s IP-DECT Gateway ensures a smooth transition to UCaaS by integrating seamlessly with your existing Spectralink Digital DECT Base Stations.
  • Best-in-Class Hardware: Spectralink DECT is the industry leader for a reason. Our robust, secure handsets and infrastructure deliver exceptional audio quality and empower your entire workforce to communicate effectively.
  • Reduced Costs: Eliminate the need for on-premise PBXs and third-party gateways with direct Microsoft Teams Phone integration. Streamline your DECT solution and save money.
  • Unified Collaboration: Empower your entire workforce with the same tools and capabilities, regardless of location. Break down communication silos and foster real-time collaboration across your organization.

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Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Stop settling for disconnected communication. Spectralink and Microsoft Teams Phone is the powerful integration that unifies your workforce and unlocks a new era of collaboration.