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Wi-Fi Phones

Our wide range of Wi-Fi smartphones and feature phones makes it easy to find the right devices for your team. Thanks to advanced roaming technology and network management tools, you’re assured of exceptional call quality. And seamless integration with leading UCaaS platforms ensures the perfect, cost-effective solution for employees on the go.

SpectraLink Wi-Fi family of phones


Our family of Versity smartphones are designed to complement each other and can be deployed as a mixed fleet, providing the best Wi-Fi smartphone solution for all types of workers.

SpectraLink Series 95 smartphone

Versity 95 Smartphone

  • Toughest, most rugged smartphone on the market
  • Premium all-in-one device with Push-to-Talk, SAFE functionality and optional barcode scanner
  • True hot-swappable battery for zero downtime
  • Ideal for data-driven workflows and more complex applications
  • Large 5.2″ display for easy readability
  • Versity 95 is also available in FIPS 140-2 validated /TAA-compliant models. **FIPS/TAA models only available in the US

Versity 96 Smartphone*

  • All of the features of Versity 95
  • LTE-enabled for communication and collaboration practically anywhere

*Not available in the United States

Versity 92 Smartphone

  • Powerful, lightweight, and affordable  
  • Durable, award-winning design for demanding environments  
  • All-in-one device with Push-to-Talk, SAFE and optional barcode scanner 
  • Ideal for task-based roles  
  • 4-inch display and compact form factor for easy grip  

Feature phones

84 Series Wi-Fi Feature Phone

  • WLAN with some advanced functionality
  • Durable, lightweight and easy to use
  • Simple menu structure with classic buttons
  • Glass-free device for clean environments

8440 Feature Phone

Android Upgradeability – Versity Family (92, 95/96)

When any new customer purchases a smartphone in the Versity family, they can rest assured their investment will be supported until at least 2028, regardless of the version of Android OS running on the platform. As an enterprise platform, the hardware, Spectralink software, and operating system are provided as a complete solution. Software Assurance is built into our Spectracare service offering and includes access to the latest software enhancements and security updates. Spectralink is also committed to ensuring enterprise applications will remain compatible with Versity smartphones for the duration of coverage and will continue to partner with key application and unified communications partners to ensure longevity. Currently running Android 10, Versity is upgradeable to future versions of Android, yet operating system version upgrades are not required to maintain security enhancements and support from Spectralink until 2028.