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Allscripts applications on Spectralink Versity Smartphone


Allscripts on a Versity smartphone makes healthcare mobility work by allowing nurses and other clinicians to review and input patient information at the point of care, improving workflow efficiencies, driving quality outcomes, and supporting real-time patient care and documentation.

Sunrise Mobile

Sunrise Mobile is a clinical application which links to the Allscripts EPR, providing workflows, patient data, and the ability to perform actions all from your leading Versity smartphone.

From the Allscripts website: Data available in the EPR flows seamlessly to Versity devices and vice-versa. Users can update flowsheets, record the completion of tasks (including medication administration), review results and vital signs in dynamic graphical views and review all clinical documents recorded against the patient. Doctors and prescribers can also place diagnostic orders and prescribe medications, create and save notes to the patient’s record from the mobile app and read and send secure health messages.

Sunrise Mobile offers all key clinical information on your Versity device:

Rounding Tool

• Patient List Management/Find Patient
• Patient Summary
• Results
• Orders
• Problem List
• Intake and Output
• Allergies
• Patient Information
• Images


• Secure Health Messaging Inbox
• Documents Update: Enables a quick view of documents
• Notify Me: A patient-by-patient opt-in notification
• Hospital Notifications: From a central control panel, the IT Administrator can push messages to system users

Point of Care

• Medication barcode administration
• Worklist task management
• Clinical observation documentation

Allscripts® Patient Flow

Allscripts® Patient Flow on a Versity smartphone provides hospital support staff with a mobile solution that interfaces directly with the Allscripts® Patient Flow desktop application. It provides teams such as housekeepers and porters with the following abilities:
•  Review assigned job information
• Update job status to “in progress,” “delay,” or “complete”
• Receive and respond to messages from supervisors
• Receive push notification/audible alert for new jobs & messages
• Shift Check In and Out
• Go On/Off Break

Compatible with Versity 95/96 Series 

Spectralink empowers clinicians to deliver better patient care with our Versity 95/96 clinical mobility solution. Our Versity 95/96 enterprise-grade smartphone simplifies your multiple tools into a single multi-purpose device, expertly
integrating with your hospital or care facility’s communication system for one unified solution. Now you can reach who you need when you need them— with immediate, reliable, and secure voice, text, or other alerts. Versity 95/96 meets the toughest clinical durability requirements for optimal bedside care while giving clinicians real-time access to the data, teams, and tools they need, increasing time spent at the bedside and improving patient outcomes.

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