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Spectralink’s Versity 92 delivers secure enterprise-grade voice communication, a powerful processor, and exceptional durability and reliability for tough, fast-paced environments, in a compact smartphone.

A member of the trusted Versity smartphone family, Versity 92 is lightweight, durable, and built to perform with features that simplify daily tasks and provide reliable communication to mobile workers in harsh working environments. If you need high-quality voice communications, the built-in voice functionality gets the job done. Have task or role-based workflow? Add industry-specific applications to increase productivity and keep operations running smoothly. This all-in-one smartphone also offers Push-to-Talk, user-swappable battery, employee safety application, and industrial-grade scanner (optional).


Equipped with Spectralink’s best-in-class voice technology, you can count on Versity 92 for crystal-clear and secure voice quality required for noisy environments when hearing information the first time is critical for patient safety or customer satisfaction. Integration with leading UC platforms and Push-to-Talk functionality ensure seamless communication across the organization.


Versity 92 integrates with leading role-critical applications putting information and communication in hand to optimize workflows. Mobile workers can spend more time with patients or customers and less time traveling to answer phones or searching for information boosting productivity and improving quality service.


Employee safety is a top priority, and with built-in SAFE features like a dedicated alarm button and man down, employees have the reassurance of safety no matter where the job takes them. To protect company and customer or patient data, Versity 92 follows industry-leading security standards.

Stay connected with Versity 92

The right tool for voice communication
Award-winning design and durability
Extends communication, productivity, and safety
Simple and familiar design
Easily Manage your fleet of Versity 92 devices
    • Spectralink’s unmatched crystal-clear voice quality
    • Optimized microphone design and placement for noise suppression and echo cancellation on every call
    • Enhanced roaming and scanning between APs, preventing delayed or missed calls
    • Built-in integration, including Microsoft, Cisco, RingCentral, and Zoom


Why Spectralink?

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Spectralink is where voice, data and handheld mobility converge in industry-leading, enterprise-grade devices. Our mobile phones outperform the competition when it comes to battery health capabilities, voice quality, portability, durability, device management and professional services. We have the right people backing up our products to make mobility work for you.


How Versity 92 can support your industry

Versity 92 Specifications

9240 Wi-Fi Smartphone
9253 Wi-Fi Smartphone w/ barcode scanner
Operating System
•   Android™ OS 10.0 (Q) at Release
•   SDA450 Qualcomm Processor (8x A53 Core @1.8GHz)
•   32G FLASH eMMC, v5.1
•   4.0″ 800×480 display
•   Dragontrail™ glass
•   Luminance >310 cd/m^2
•   2 touch – bare or gloved fingertip (latex-nitrile gloves)
•   Wakeup with double tap feature
•   Oleophobic protective coating
Wireless Connectivity
•   Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 2×2 MIMO, WFA Certifiable
•   Bluetooth 4.2
•   NFC, ISO 14443, Tag Types 1-5
•   Support for Spectralink Voice Quality
•   WPA2-Personal, WPA2-Enterprise with OKC and CCKM, EAP-PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS
•   Handsfree Loudspeaker: 74db SPL @ 50cm
•   3-mic, echo cancellation, noise suppression, ultrasonic range
•   Receiver Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation
•   Audio jack (3.5mm), 4-contact, CTIA and OMTP
Battery/Charging/Talk Time
•   3040 mAh (shift replaceable battery pack)
•   External Phone Charging Contacts (3 external pins)
•   RTC backup cell
•   Talk time (using Spectralink BizPhone): Up to 14 hours
•   Standby (connected to Wi-Fi): Up to 184 hours
•   Weight:
6.35oz (non-scanner), 7.1oz (scanner);
180g (non-scanner), 200g (scanner)
•   Dimensions :
5.2″ x 2.6″ x 0.5″
(0.79″ bump out with scanner);
133mm x 66mm x 13.5mm
(20mm bump out with scanner)
•   Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Proximity, Ambient Light.
•   Front-facing camera 2 MP fixed focus
•   World facing camera 8 MP autofocus w/ flash
Barcode Scanner
•   Industrial 1D/2D
•   Illumination: White (5700K)
•   Aiming beam: Green dot (521nm)
Wired Data Interface
•   USB3.1
•   Type-C Connector
User Interfaces
•   Buttons: Power, Alarm, Volume up/down
•   2 user-configurable buttons
•   RGB LED notification (diffused)
•   Vibration (motor >1.4g peak)
Dust/Liquid Resistance
•   IP65 – protects against dust ingress and water resistant
•   ExceedsMIL-STD-810G drop test − 1.5 meter onto steel plate
•   Chemical and Disinfection resilience
•   UV sanitizable
•   Operational temperature: -10 to 50° C
•   Storage temperature: -40 to 70° C
Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)
•   Integration with all available sensors
•   Integration with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for low-power scanning
Charging/Accessory Support
•   Desktop phone charger
•   Desktop dual charger (phone/battery)
•   6-bay phone charger
•   6-bay battery charger
•   Phone Belt Clip Holster
•   Phone Holster
•   Scanner Trigger Handle
•   Wrist Strap/Lanyard
Enterprise-Grade Device Management
•   Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises (AMIE®)
•   Integration with major EMMs (e.g. VMWare, WorkspaceOne, MobileIron UEM, Microsoft Intune, SOTI MobiControl, Cisco Meraki MDM and IBM MaaS360)
•   Advanced Logging and Phone configuration Features
Partner Applications
•   See for a list of application partners
Additional Features
•   Enterprise-grade security options
•   Push-to-Talk (PTT)
•   SAFE features (Alarm button, motion detection)
•   BizPhone Dialer
•   Programmable Buttons
•   Over-the-air configuration settings and updates
•   PBX integration (SIP direct, gateway)
•   Multilingual user interface

Versity 92 Series Chargers and Accessories

Complete your communication solution with Versity chargers and accessories. Spectralink offers versatile charging options with capabilities to power up multiple devices and batteries simultaneously. Standard charge time is 3.5 hours to 100%. Back-up batteries, lanyard, and holsters extend convenience on the move. The scanner trigger handle makes high-volume scanning efficient. Chargers and accessories are compatible with Versity 9240 and 9253 smartphones.

Versity 92 Multiple Handset Charger 6X

Can fit up to a total of 6 smartphones and includes a power supply.

Versity 92 Desktop Dual Charger

Charges one Versity 92 smartphone and one spare battery pack. Does not include power supply*, order separately.

Versity 92 Desktop Multi Battery Charger 6X

Can fit up to a total of 6 Versity 92 smartphone batteries and includes a power supply.

Versity 92 Battery

Standard 3040 mAh replaceable battery that can be used with 9240 and 9253 smartphones.

Versity 92 Desktop Charger

Charges one Versity 92 smartphone. Does not include power supply, order separately.

Versity 92 Lanyard

Neck/wrist lanyard with quick-release for Versity 92 smartphones.

Versity 92 Scanner Trigger Handle

Scanner trigger handle for 9253 smartphone.

Versity 92 Belt Clip Holster

Rotating swivel belt clip holster for Versity 92. Available for both 9240 and 9253 smartphones.

Versity 92 Fabric Holster

Nylon fabric holster with swivel belt clip for Versity 92. Suitable for both 9240 and 9253 smartphones.

Versity 92 Series Datasheets

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