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Versity 92 Series

Giving small talk a new meaning

Versity 92 Spectralink device

This durable and lightweight smartphone provides the most reliable communication to voice-critical work environments.  

Spectralink’s Versity 92 delivers secure enterprise-grade voice communication, a powerful processor, and exceptional durability and reliability for tough, fast-paced environments, in a compact smartphone.

A member of the trusted Versity smartphone family, Versity 92 is lightweight, durable, and built to perform with features that simplify daily tasks and provide reliable communication to mobile workers in harsh working environments. If you need high-quality voice communications, the built-in voice functionality gets the job done. Have task or role-based workflow? Add industry-specific applications to increase productivity and keep operations running smoothly. This all-in-one smartphone also offers Push-to-Talk, user-swappable battery, employee safety application, and industrial-grade scanner (optional).

Stay connected with Versity 92

The right tool for voice communication
Award-winning design and durability
Extends communication, productivity, and safety
Simple and familiar design
Easily Manage your fleet of Versity 92 devices
    • Spectralink’s unmatched crystal-clear voice quality
    • Optimized microphone design and placement for noise suppression and echo cancellation on every call
    • Enhanced roaming and scanning between APs, preventing delayed or missed calls
    • Built-in integration, including Microsoft, Cisco, RingCentral, and Zoom


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Why Spectralink
Spectralink is where voice, data and handheld mobility converge in industry-leading, enterprise-grade devices. Our mobile phones outperform the competition when it comes to battery health capabilities, voice quality, portability, durability, device management and professional services. We have the right people backing up our products to make mobility work for you.