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Hillrom applications on Spectralink Versity Smartphone


Hillrom (part of Baxter) connects care teams and plays an important role in patient outcomes. The Voalte® platform used on a Spectralink Versity 95 Series smartphone delivers real-time patient monitoring and clinical communications giving care teams better insights — helping to drive confident treatment decisions and proactive care. Together, Spectralink Versity and Hillrom make healthcare mobility work.

Voalte Platform

Connecting care teams plays an important role in patient outcomes. Voalte Mobile Applications communicate patient information and alerts directly to clinicians’ smartphones ensuring they remain connected to patient information and actionable insights—when and where they need them throughout the healthcare facility.

Communications are secured on an encrypted platform, supporting HIPAA compliance. IT teams benefit from a complete toolset to administer, manage and integrate Voalte Mobile applications throughout your organization or the entire healthcare enterprise.

Features and Functionality
Here are some key features of the Voalte Mobile App you would get through integration on a Spectralink Versity smartphone, straight from the Hillrom website!

Intelligent Alerting
Inform and prioritize patient care with alerting from Nurse Call systems, monitoring devices, the EMR and more. Promote a quiet environment by routing alerts to the right caregiver or care team with robust roles and staff assignments.

Better Together
Voalte Mobile brings alerts and information from Hillrom solutions to your care team’s fingertips. With direct integrations with Hillrom Nurse Call, Alert and Alarm Management, and Middleware, you can send alerts from Hillrom smart beds and vital signs monitors—and even access Waveform Visualization – from other patient monitoring devices.

Dynamic Directory
Find team members with a single directory that supports self- assignments and integration with on-call scheduling, search by title, unit, patients, and more.

Physician Communications
Make your physicians’ lives easier with an app that allows them to set the availability, find nurse assignments, and receive patient lab results, code alerts, and pages.

Flexible Reporting
Analyze user adoption of mobile communications and understand alert trends with easily accessible and customizable reports.

Robust Integrations
Extend care coordination capabilities through integrations to other hospital systems and applications such as the EMR, EMR mobile apps, middleware, Nurse Call, and more.

Compatible with Versity 95/96 Series 

Spectralink empowers clinicians to deliver better patient care with our Versity 95/96 clinical mobility solution. Our Versity 95/96 enterprise-grade smartphone simplifies your multiple tools into a single multi-purpose device, expertly
integrating with your hospital or care facility’s communication system for one unified solution. Now you can reach who you need when you need them— with immediate, reliable, and secure voice, text, or other alerts. Versity 95/96 meets the toughest clinical durability requirements for optimal bedside care while giving clinicians real-time access to the data, teams, and tools they need, increasing time spent at the bedside and improving patient outcomes.

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