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Imprivata applications on Spectralink Versity Smartphone


Integrated for use on Spectralink Versity smartphones, Imprivata Mobile Device Access is healthcare’s only mobile authentication solution that enables fast, secure access to clinical mobile devices and applications.

Clinicians are becoming increasingly more mobile, moving throughout the hospital as they care for patients. As a result, the use of mobile devices continues to rise as organizations bring new technologies to the bedside. Enterprise-owned, purpose-built devices such as the Spectralink Versity smartphone facilitate this mobility by supporting and enhancing critical workflows through patient identity management, clinical communications, lab collections, and other time-saving capabilities. But it is also critical that these devices only be used by authorized healthcare staff – through Imprivata’s Mobile Device Access, this level of secured access is streamlined to save time and improve workflows.

Imprivata Mobile Device Access saves users’ device sign-in time by enabling fast, secure access to the Spectralink Versity devices. Users simply tap their proximity badge to unlock the Versity and then use single sign-on (SSO) authentication to access their supported applications. This removes the need to manually re-enter usernames and passwords, saving clinicians valuable time and effort. Imprivata Mobile Device Access also improves security and auditing by providing better visibility into user interactions with Protected Health Information (PHI).

Fast, secure single sign-on to mobile applications

The repetitive, manual entry of usernames and passwords to access applications can result in hundreds or even thousands of hours of lost productivity over the course of a year.

Imprivata Mobile Device Access recoups this lost productivity by enabling SSO for mobile applications, which streamlines clinical workflows and gives providers more time to spend with their patients. Simplified access removes a potential barrier to adoption, allowing organizations to unlock the full potential of Spectralink Versity to enhance care at the bedside.

Secure fast user switching
Imprivata Mobile Device Access enables secure, fast user switching so multiple authorized users can use one Versity as shifts change. A simple badge tap allows caregivers to instantly log in or log out of the device, enhancing the benefits of the Versity smartphone in a shared device environment.

Comprehensive monitoring and simplified reporting
Imprivata Mobile Device Access records all device and SSO-enabled application access events in a centralized database within a hardened virtual or physical appliance. The Imprivata appliance provides out-of-the-box reports that give administrators full visibility into access of Versity smartphones and enables rapid response to audit inquiries.

Device access management
Imprivata Mobile Device Access helps balance security with workflow efficiency by allowing clinical staff to unlock mobile devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge. This improves security and safeguards PHI by enabling organizations to lock mobile devices without disrupting workflows.

Emergency access override
Imprivata Mobile Device Access includes functionality that allows users to unlock mobile devices without entering credentials or tapping their proximity badge. Users will then be required to manually enter usernames and passwords to access each application, which allows organizations to maintain security while still allowing users to access mobile devices in emergency situations.

Compatible with Versity 95/96 Series 

Spectralink empowers clinicians to deliver better patient care with our Versity 95/96 clinical mobility solution. Our Versity 95/96 enterprise-grade smartphone simplifies your multiple tools into a single multi-purpose device, expertly
integrating with your hospital or care facility’s communication system for one unified solution. Now you can reach who you need when you need them— with immediate, reliable, and secure voice, text, or other alerts. Versity 95/96 meets the toughest clinical durability requirements for optimal bedside care while giving clinicians real-time access to the data, teams, and tools they need,
increasing time spent at the bedside and improving patient outcomes.

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Compatible with Versity 92 Series 

Non-clinical workers make up a big part of your healthcare workforce. Effectively managing tasks, patient workflows and maintenance in a busy healthcare setting is vital to ensure timely action, improved productivity, and greater patient satisfaction and outcomes. Doing all of this on an easy-to-carry mobile device with dependable voice quality ensures that human connection and communication is always available which is a critical part of worker satisfaction and success.

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