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As the size of an organization expands, the technical needs of the range of employees in that organization increases significantly. Managing a mixed estate of telecommunications platforms, across multiple buildings, locations, or even countries becomes increasingly challenging, from an efficiency and cost perspective. If there was a way to simplify, aggregate, and virtualize a percentage of those DECT resource needs, that would make the management of that section of the estate significantly easier, quicker, and more cost-effective.

There is another way…

With our VIP-DECT Server One you are able to adapt dynamically to organizational communication changes with, instant scalability of DECT base stations, high-capacity call throughput and availability, and flexibility in hardware platform choice.

Software-only IP-DECT architecture allows you to flexibly connect distributed enterprise sites creating a single virtual network with a common point of control for reliable, scalable communication delivery.


  • Scalability as your business grows. A fully virtualized VIP-DECT Server enables installation in any data center with the capacity to serve up to 100,000* users across large campus environments and distributed business sites.
  • Optimize resources and reduce workloads. Manage multiple sites, push new DECT features, add or remove users, and perform administrative functions all from a single centralized web portal.
  • Reduce hardware costs. Add more efficiency and savings to your business by using your current data center servers; consolidate the number of DECT servers needed.
  • Reduce maintenance and support costs. No need to go on-site to update firmware; manage your entire DECT network from one location.

* NOTE: Up to 100K handsets supported when combined with AMIE


Call Control Protocol Support
• Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Application & Messaging Protocol Support
• Broadcast Messaging
• Message Service Functions (MSF)
SIP VOIP Support
• Basic call
• Call Hold
• Call Transfer
• Call Waiting
• Music on Hold (MOH)
Note: Additional advanced telephony solution available depending on integration with host SIP-UC/UCaaS Platform (e.g.: SIP IP-PBXs)

Operation And Maintenance
• Single Panel Web UI for centralizing administration and maintenance of the entire infrastructure
• Provisioning, maintenance, and supervision of all infrastructure components and Spectralink 7000 handsets in the solution
• HTTP with digest authentication
• Syslog

System Architecture
• The Spectralink VIP-DECT Server One is a software-only control unit acting as a SIP integration unit to the host SIP UC / UCaaS (Call Control Platform) which also controls and handles all other infrastructure elements
• Max. no. of:
– IP-DECT IP Base Stations: 4096
– Simultaneous calls on each IP-DECT Base Station: 11
– Repeaters on each IP-DECT Base Station: 3
– Total Simultaneous calls – supported: 16,384
A. Using Physical Media Resources (MR):
• 32 (total 1024 channels)
• Max simultaneous calls per each Media Resource (HW): 32 (G.711)
B. Using Software (Virtual) Media Resources (MR):
• License (in Server): Max 16,384 Channels
• Can use 32, or 128 MR Channel licenses (in any combination) to achieve max 16,384 Channels
• VMR can be deployed as needed (distributed locally or centrally)
• MR Channels are dynamically allocated based on max VMR channels installed in Server

• Registered Spectralink 7000 DECT handsets:
– Scalable to 16,000
– Base Server One starts with 150 users stepwise: 150 users,
500 users, 1500 users, 4095 users

Supported Codecs
• G.711 A-law and μ-law
• G.726 (32 kbps – 4-bit ADPCM)
• G.729

• Manual or dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP)
• Time/Date sync using NTP Protocol
Note: Depending on deployment requirements, IP-DECT Base Stations can be connected over both secure QoS enabled WAN as well as now broadband Internet – supporting hundreds of branch sites to be remotely connected

• Configuration
• User data
• Server firmware
• Base station firmware (License required)
• Handset firmware via SUOTA (License required)
• Handset configuration OTA (License required)

VIP-DECT Datasheet

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