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TigerConnect applications on Spectralink Versity Smartphone

TigerConnect is where care team collaboration happens, patient communication thrives, and information is at your fingertips, making healthcare easier for everyone, from any location.

When combined with the Spectralink Versity smartphone series, we make it possible for doctors, nurses, and the entire care team to collaborate and act on information quickly and efficiently across the enterprise, from anywhere at any time. Spectralink and TigerConnect make healthcare mobility work.

TigerFlow+ Connect people and data

Forever change the way your teams collaborate with TigerFlow+, healthcare’s most comprehensive, all-in-one platform solution for enabling top-to-bottom communication transformation. Connect your facilities, your data, your staff, and even your patients on a single network for faster workflows, lower costs, and better care for patients.

• EHR Integration
• Nurse Call Integration
• Lab Integration
• Image Results
• Escalated Messaging

TigerText Secure your texts

TigerText Essentials ensures secure medical text messaging on your Versity device, facilitating HIPAA-compliance, is HITRUST-certified, and allowing clinicians and care teams to communicate securely via text messages from anywhere, at any time.

• Secure Messaging
• Priority Messaging
• Broadcast Message
• Quick Reply
• Secure Attachments
• Delivery Confirmation

TigerTouch Connect with patients

TigerTouch on a healthcare provider’s Versity device opens communication between healthcare professionals and patients by giving everyone an easy, convenient way to interact at any time, no matter where the clinician may be in the healthcare facility. Clinicians can quickly switch between provider and patient modes to initiate a conversation while patients can talk with providers, free from portals or passwords. TigerTouch on a Spectralink smartphone ensures the personal connection to patients is never lost while in your healthcare
facility, improving satisfaction, improving outcomes.


  • TigerTouch “removes the hurdles typically found with patient portals. A simple SMS link brings patients into a secure, encrypted conversation where they can share updates and ask questions, send or receive attachments, and converse with key members of their care team.”* And with a lightweight Spectralink Versity device in their pocket to answer these messages, caregivers can ensure they have a purpose-built, rugged, all-in-one healthcare smartphone in hand to manage all of their workflows in the hospital while never losing touch with their patients through TigerConnect.
  • Convenient, HIPAA-Compliant Patient Conversations
  • Way more than a simple appointment reminder app, TigerTouch gives care professionals a secure, convenient way to share sensitive information with patients that’s encrypted and easily archived.

Compatible with Versity 95/96 Series 

Spectralink empowers clinicians to deliver better patient care with our Versity 95/96 clinical mobility solution. Our Versity 95/96 enterprise-grade smartphone simplifies your multiple tools into a single multi-purpose device, expertly integrating with your hospital or care facility’s communication system for one unified solution. Now you can reach who you need when you need them— with immediate, reliable, and secure voice, text, or other alerts. Versity 95/96 meets the toughest clinical durability requirements for optimal bedside care while giving clinicians real-time access to the data, teams, and tools they need, increasing time spent at the bedside and improving patient outcomes.

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Compatible with Versity 92 Series 

Non-clinical workers make up a big part of your healthcare workforce. Effectively managing tasks, patient workflows and maintenance in a busy healthcare setting is vital to ensure timely action, improved productivity, and greater patient satisfaction and outcomes. Doing all of this on an easy-to-carry mobile device with dependable voice quality ensures that human connection and communication is always available which is a critical part of worker satisfaction and success.

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