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Applications and workflows

Together with our mobile application partners, we expand and enrich enterprise mobility solution capabilities.

Access to tested and certified mobility solutions through our broad range of application partners, enabling seamless integration to workflows mobile workers need to their jobs

Alarms and Notifications

Alarms and notification functionality delivers safety to employees and service benefits to customers. For healthcare, life-threatening alarms like heart stop, emergency call, and epilepsy alarms, enable the closest healthcare professionals to respond to the patient more quickly. Alarms for security, hospitality, and manufacturing personnel, like man down, assault, and fire enable better personal and workplace security. Various service alarms, like doctor and nurse call in hospitals, bed and dementia alarms in nursing homes, and maintenance alerts in the hospitality, retail, and manufacturing vertical enable greater productivity and better service to patients and customers.

Personal Safety

Staff safety is always a priority, especially for mobile workers dealing with the public, or handling money. Whether in healthcare, retail, hospitality, manufacturing—your staff may find itself in unpredictable situations, often alone. With Spectralink SAFE, you can be ensured the help they need is available any time of day or night at just the push of one easily accessible button on your device.

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Secure Messaging

Secure messaging technology is essential to safeguarding sensitive information shared with colleagues and partners via text. For data such as financial records, medical updates, and customer information, secure messaging helps to prevent inadvertent or deliberate data leaks and protect valuable information in transit.

Real-time location systems (RTLS)

Real-time location systems (RTLS) allow you to locate people or enterprise assets in real-time. Companies in a variety of industries—from manufacturing to supply chain, hospitality, healthcare, and construction —rely on location information to increase efficiency and safety.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables IT admins to securely monitor and manage the mobile devices that access sensitive business data. It includes storing essential information about mobile devices, deciding which apps can be present on the devices, locating devices, and securing devices if lost or stolen.

Healthcare Solutions

Your Spectralink device integrates easily with EHR, Nurse Call, Patient Care, Alarm and Notification, and Patient Monitoring systems, giving your healthcare workers access to critical information for improved patient care and better user experiences in one single mobility solution.


Retail Solutions

Deliver superior customer experiences through exceptional voice quality and leading workflow applications with our retail integrations.


Versity Smartphone Series Applications

The Versity Smartphone series comes preloaded with a range of essential applications for deployment and configuration to meet your business needs.

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Mobility Solutions

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