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AMIE® for Wi-Fi

In today’s mobile world it’s hard to keep things simple and moving. More devices, more users, more applications. How do you manage it all? AMIE for Wi-Fi empowers your team to keep your Spectralink smart devices running smoothly with device configuration management, health monitoring, utilization metrics, and call performance analytics.

Complete your solution with our mobile intelligence dashboard for IT Managers and Telecommunication Administrators. ​

Your employees need reliable communication devices and networks that are always up and running, without dropped calls, poor voice quality, or other issues interfering with the ability to do their job. How do you manage them all in the most efficient way to avoid downtime and interruption, proactively troubleshoot any issues with your fleet, and get the most out of your solution and investment? AMIE provides operational transparency with real-time monitoring, proactive alerts, and detailed analytics to determine if the device and networks are running smoothly, ensuring always-on communication for mobile workers. The centralized dashboard reduces the complexity of managing shared devices and the intuitively designed user interface provides delivers a positive experience for IT and Telecommunication administrators.

 How AMIE Solves IT Administrators’ Biggest Concerns 

  • Centralized Dashboard simplifies management of shared devices
  • Reduces the complexity of device deployment
  • Simplifies software updates and device troubleshooting
  • Helps avoid disruption from missing or lost devices, battery performance, and other complications with shared devices
  • Achieve reliable device and call performance, minimizing downtime
  • Decrease support time spent assessing device versus network issues with metrics filtered by device, AP, and network
  • Proactively solve problems before they impact the business and affect day-to-day user experience

How mobile device management helps manage your Wi-Fi devices

AMIE for Wi-Fi devices is available in two tiers, AMIE Essentials and AMIE Advanced 

AMIE Essentials. Take charge of your Spectralink Wi-Fi devices with fast deployment, centralized device administration, battery management, and Spectralink Application Management 

AMIE Advanced.  Keep your Spectralink Wi-Fi devices running smoothly with device configuration, battery management, call performance analytics, proactive alerts, and more from a centralized dashboard. 

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