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Government and Public Sector

Improving Efficiency and Enhancing Service

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s essential for government and public services organizations to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of citizens. Spectralink’s solutions allow government organizations to improve efficiency, enhance service delivery and meet the needs of a mobile workforce.


Solutions with a focus on security, enhanced service delivery, and improved efficiency

One of the key benefits of Spectralink’s solutions is their focus on security. With sensitive information being accessible from mobile devices, it’s essential to have robust security protocols in place. Spectralink’s solutions provide strong security measures, ensuring that information is only accessible to authorized individuals.

Another key advantage of Spectralink’s solutions is their ability to enhance service delivery. With real-time access to information and tools, government employees can work more effectively and make better-informed decisions. This leads to improved service delivery and better outcomes for citizens.

How Spectralink Makes Mobility Work for the Government and Public Sector


Public service employees can access important information and applications from anywhere, at any time, using their mobile devices.


Provide employees with real-time access to information and tools, increasing their productivity and efficiency.



Enable public service employees to collaborate more effectively by sharing information and working together in real-time.


Leading application integration, including paging, voice recognition, alarms, secure messaging, single sign-on, location services, industry-specific applications, and UC integration, ensure greater efficiency. Arm staff with the latest technology as the sector evolves to get the job done.

World-Class Security

We ensure robust security practices across all of our mobility solutions to deliver high levels of confidentiality, integrity, and data availability. Our devices support the most advanced encryption and authentication algorithms, application access control, and enterprise-class WLAN security. Lost or stolen devices can also be remotely locked, wiped, and disabled.

Management and Insights with AMIE

AMIE (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises), Spectralink’s cloud-based fleet management dashboard, allows government entities to enable and secure mobile devices, applications, and content. With central management from a single interface, AMIE allows IT and Telecomm admins to diagnose issues, push out updates, locate devices, and even manage battery health without going to every branch, saving valuable time and resources and improving the bottom line.


Find the Right Solution

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