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Warehouse and Distribution

Streamline Your Operations

Customers’ expectations are transforming warehouse operations. Speed and accurate inventory visibility are more critical than ever. Distribution centers (DC) require many moving parts and people to work in sync. Without the right communication tools in place, even a minor issue can cause a significant slowdown. Our mobility solutions cut response times, minimize downtime and keep staff moving efficiently. You’ll see it in a connected workforce that’s faster, more accurate, and more flexible – all of which boosts performance while reducing costs.

Effective and Efficient Mobility

Thanks to our exceptional voice quality and wireless network coverage, Spectralink phones are sure to offer clear communications throughout your facility, no matter how large, noisy or remote. They’re reliable, durable phones that won’t break if you drop them. They provide user-operated alarms as well as automatic emergency alarms that integrate with production monitoring equipment for safety. They also come with built-in barcode scanners for inventory tracking and troubleshooting. By providing real-time information on inventory levels and order status, enterprise mobility in warehouse management helps to improve customer service and satisfaction.

How Spectralink Makes Mobility Work for Warehousing

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Mobile devices allow for real-time tracking of inventory levels and movement, ensuring that inventory is managed effectively and reducing the risk of stock shortages or overstocking.

Increased Efficiency

Mobile devices allow workers to complete tasks faster and more efficiently, reducing time spent on manual processes and freeing up time for other important tasks.

Improved Accuracy

Mobile devices equipped with barcode scanning technology help to eliminate manual data entry errors and improve accuracy in tracking inventory movements and location.

Improved Productivity

Mobility solutions allow managers to float between areas and keep things running smoothly without being restricted to a specific location. Urgent matters and questions can be addressed quickly,
streamlining processes and improving productivity. This results in improved workflows that positively impact the supply chain as a whole.

Improved Communication

A mobile phone drastically improves collaboration between warehouse team members leading to improved workflows, employee
satisfaction, and improved efficiencies. By having an all-in-one phone, scanner, and mobile computer in hand, warehouse employees carry less equipment and reduce valuable time spent traveling back and forth to a workstation for information or

Keep workers safe

Spectralink devices add an additional and critical layer for employee safety. Instant Push-to-Talk functionality, emergency alerts, and panic buttons can sync to the security systems and central control
room, and key members can be alerted if an urgent event occurs.

Keep inventory moving

Real-time communication tools with extended battery life and talk time, optional in-built scanners, access to inventory information, and the ability to order additional parts when required are all possible
with enterprise-grade, durable, portable, and easy-to-use Spectralink solutions.


Find the Right Solution

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