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Unified Communications

Microsoft Teams Phone

How do you truly unify your workforce’s voice communication? The solution is Microsoft Teams Phone and Spectralink.

Spectralink integrates with Microsoft Teams Phone to unify and dramatically simplify voice delivery for deskless workers.


Without a Spectralink enterprise mobility solution, there is no simple way to connect your deskless workers with your hybrid workforce. Built to empower deskless workers, our world-class multi-cell DECT is a flexible and scalable solution that delivers high-quality and secure voice communications across your network.

With Spectralink’s DECT direct integration to Microsoft’s Teams Phone, you can consolidate, simplify, and reduce costs for your DECT solution by getting rid of your on-premise PBXs and 3rd party gateways.

Microsoft Teams direct integration provides mobile workers access to the same tools as office and remote workers, securely uniting voice, data, and people for greater levels of collaboration. It also ensures a higher level of interaction throughout the workforce and offers employees more flexible work options by breaking down the silos between enterprise teams and ensuring they can access the same secure system no matter where they work.

Benefits of Spectralink DECT integration with Microsoft Teams Phone

Provides mobile workers with Microsoft Teams Phone services on DECT handsets retaining integration to messaging, alerts, and alarms platforms for worker safety and security

 Reduces costs by enabling customers to retire legacy PBX DECT systems and support mobile workers with a DECT solution integrated into Microsoft Teams

Provides market-leading delivery of consistent and continuous enterprise-quality voice, securely covering the entire enterprise premises; no matter their size

Why  Our Customers Choose Spectralink + Microsoft Teams Phone

Enterprise-grade Voice Quality

Spectralink DECT servers directly communicate with the Microsoft Teams Phone platform using SIP VoIP protocols, creating a feature-rich, enterprise-grade telephony system so your employees can collaborate and communicate from anywhere the job takes them.

This integration gives our DECT phones the same status as any other valid Microsoft phone device, bringing the deskless workers into the same voice community as the other team members.

Simplifying the Transition to Teams Phone

The integration of Spectralink DECT to Microsoft Teams makes it easy for customers to smoothly migrate from legacy PBX/ DECT phone systems and on-premise phone systems to a centralized cloud-based UCaaS solution. Spectralink, together with Microsoft Teams, is transforming team collaboration and empowering mobile workers with rugged and reliable DECT handsets for industry-leading communication solutions on the go.

For mobile unified communications and enhanced teams in motion, choose Spectralink.  If you want to unify your workforce’s voice communication, get in touch with us at

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