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Multi-Cell DECT as a Service

Our virtualized environment makes it easy for UCaaS providers to offer secure and flexible DECT as a Service to hundreds of companies with thousands of users.

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We have taken the complications out of DECT, with our virtual IP-DECT Server One, making offering a DECT solution as simple as possible.

Our Virtual IP-DECT Server One is the first software-only IP-DECT architecture to allow service providers to flexibly connect distributed customer enterprise sites creating a single virtual network with a common point of control for reliable, scalable communication delivery.

Managed Service Providers and  UCaaS providers can now centrally deploy the VIP-DECT Server One in their data-center – and support up to 256 separate tenants on a single VIP-DECT Server One instance – each able to have access to their own central corporate directory. All the tenants can be connected over high-speed secure broadband Internet, making it easier to offer DECT mobility as a managed service. No more having to go onsite to configure and deploy. When you need to change anything, just use the centralized management capabilities without any need to do customer or site visits.

With a Spectralink VIP-DECT solution service providers get:
Up to date security

Spectralink offers the highest level of DECT and infrastructure security available in the market.

  • Default support for HTTPS protocol
  • Enhanced secure and encrypted password
  • Audit logs for compliance
  • End-to-end encryption support using:
  •         SRTP/TLS (up to v1.3) built-in
  •         DECT Security STEP-A support
  • Minimize attack surface
  • Handset locking approved in security and financial insituations.

Interoperability with leading cloud UcaaS partners

We have recognized interoperability with the key UCaaS vendors, including Microsoft, RingCentral,  Zoom, Cisco, Mitel, and Avaya meaning you can support current and upcoming voice platforms.

Easy to provision and manage:
Zero-touch provisioning

We have made it super easy to provision DECT from your data center with zero-touch provisioning through our cloud-hosted redirection server.

Centralized cloud management offering to monitor solutions

VIP-DECT is easy to get up and running, it offers a single centralized web portal for administration and maintenance and when paired with AMIE it takes over and monitors the system to optimize performance.

AMIE  is a cloud-based service that can handle large enterprise DECT systems. It provides centralized administration and control for servers, base stations, and handsets by taking over the centralized role and providing you with a simple web user interface that allows you to manage an enterprise DECT system in a far more user-friendly manner. AMIE for IP-DECT consists of a single dashboard that provides a full operational view of your Spectralink DECT Systems. From here you get a summary of how your IP-DECT Networks are performing by location including the status of servers, base stations, and handsets. You can proactively monitor alerts, increase operational efficiency, and solve problems before issues occur with better access to IP-DECT network performance information.