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Frontline workers frequently need to make calls or access important data to keep customers happy. If they don’t have mobile devices or your network coverage is sub-par, productivity and profitability are bound to suffer. This is why it’s critical to provide your crew with durable, versatile mobile phones PLUS back them up with a centralized management tool for monitoring device performance.

Spectralink equips your team to excel with Versity 92 and Versity 95 mobile phones. We also set your IT or telecom team up for success with our advanced mobile management tool AMIE®. Let’s take a look at how our devices and our dashboard work together to give you the best, most complete mobility solution possible.

Versity 92 & 95: Advanced Smartphones for Frontline Workers

Spectralink’s power-packed Versity 95 and award-winning Versity 92 are best-in-class smartphones that give untethered, frontline workers all of the collaboration tools that desk-based workers enjoy. They offer crystal-clear voice quality, incredible processing power, compatibility with the best industry-specific apps, push-to-talk, alarm buttons and even optional barcode scanning.

Versity 92 and 95 smartphones are built to withstand even the harshest business environments. Their screens are made with shatter-proof glass, so they won’t crack or break if you drop them. They also stand up to dust, industrial-grade cleaners and immersion in water. These are important qualities since frontline workers are more likely to work near heavy machinery, liquids, dust and other environmental hazards.

AMIE: Centralized Mobile Fleet Monitoring & Management

One thing that truly sets Versity smartphones apart is how easy they are to deploy, manage and monitor with AMIE – Spectralink’s centralized mobile monitoring and management tool.

AMIE (which stands for Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises) empowers your IT or telecom administrators to set up, update and manage your fleet of mobile phones from a centralized dashboard they can access from anywhere. With only minimal training, AMIE’s dashboard makes it easy and intuitive to keep your entire mobile communications network running smoothly.

With AMIE, deploying new phones or updating them takes mere minutes instead of hours or days. And AMIE keeps your mobile infrastructure running smoothly as well by providing analytics, diagnostics, alerts and a whole suite of management tools. AMIE constantly monitors your network to help you eliminate dead zones, weak signals and other disruptions – so your employees can always count on fast data access and high-quality voice connections.

Spectralink makes managing your fleet not only convenient and efficient, but also extremely secure.  AMIE reminds you to upgrade your phones whenever new security features become available. This way, there is never a weak point in your network and you can rest easy knowing everything is under control.

AMIE keeps track of the location of all Versity phones on its network, making it easy to put the phones back in team members’ hands after they’re misplaced. It also lets you know when mobile phone batteries need to be replaced and even sends notifications to workers when their battery is running low.

AMIE helps you keep your team productive in countless other ways too, including:

• Detecting network issues before they lead to dropped calls and connection problems
• Determining whether problems are due to your network or just a single device
• Providing the necessary data and tools to diagnose what needs to be fixed
• Showing you where devices are needed most, so you can route additional support to those departments

To find out more about how Versity smartphones and AMIE can transform your business, fill out the form below and one of our experts will reach out to you.

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