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In business, mobile phones have taken the place of everything from barcode scanners to cash registers to advanced logistics tools. Unfortunately, mobile phones are a lot more likely to get damaged in fast-paced work environments like manufacturing plants, hospitals or retail stores.  Now that enterprise smartphones are becoming so indispensable, a simple drop can not only damage your device but your ability to do business as well. 

The idea of rugged phones comes from the military where phones need to function in the harshest environments. While most businesses don’t operate in a war zone, just about all can benefit from having mobile devices that are built to tougher standards and offer a higher grade of durability. 

Spectralink’s Durability Difference

Spectralink Versity 92, Versity 95 and Versity 96 smartphones are built to the highest durability standards in the industry. Their enterprise-grade toughness makes them ideal for employees who rely on their devices and wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without them. Let’s take a look at some key features that set these Spectralink phones apart from the competition.

• Built to withstand frequent drops

Even with protective cases, the vast majority of enterprise smartphones are not designed to withstand frequent dropping. That’s not the case with rugged phones like the Spectralink Versity series. Our business smartphones are literally tested to withstand thousands of drops without damage to the glass or their functionality. And they don’t even require a protective case! Because Spectralink smartphones are built with industry-leading, impact-resistant glass, a recessed screen and a reinforced design, they can withstand just about any abuse you throw at them. You can drop them from the ceiling or submerge them in water, and they just keep on working. 

• Tough enough to withstand hospital-grade cleaning agents

Most smartphones can’t hold up to being cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day with the kind of chemicals that kill germs in a hospital. Their parts simply begin to erode and disintegrate. But Spectralink Versity smartphones are ready for frequent sanitizing with chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, bleach and isopropyl alcohol. Whether you work in a medical environment or not, it’s good to know you can clean your devices from dirt and germs without worrying about damage. Versity phones also work when you’re wearing latex gloves.

• Hot-swappable batteries

If your phone runs out of charge, it may not be a big deal if you’re just texting with friends or posting to Instagram. But an out-of-charge phone can have serious consequences when you’re relying on the device for business. This is why Spectralink has designed Versity smartphones to allow workers to simply replace batteries on the go. By keeping extra charged batteries on hand, your team never needs to experience downtime. With the Versity 95 phone, your staff can swap the battery in the middle of a phone call or while using an app – without missing a beat or losing the connection. This means no lapses in mission-critical operations or communications.

Spectralink mobile phones are incredibly rugged, but they are also sleek, lightweight and extremely advanced Android devices. Proof of this came recently when the Spectralink Versity 92 won two highly coveted Red Dot awards for its amazing design quality. There is also no limitation to the types of industry-specific business apps you can load on Spectalink mobile phones. Providing Versity series ‘business grade’ smartphones to your staff makes them far better equipped to do their jobs. Without breakage or interruption.

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