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Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C) systems are platforms that enable care teams to coordinate care with patients and their families. CC&C solutions simplify workflows, make medical results more accessible and improve patient outcomes.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why hospitals need Clinical Communication and Collaboration platforms.

• 90% of nurses say they don’t have enough time to properly care for patients¹
• 52% of healthcare organizations say they experience communication breakdowns that affect patient care either daily or multiple times a week²
• Hospitals with CC&C solutions are 50% less likely to have regular communication disconnects ²
• Over 25% of readmissions could be prevented if hospitals:

·Communicated better with patients
·Looked closer at discharge readiness
·Did better disease monitoring
·Supported more patient self-management²

Syncing data across devices

Clinical Communication and Collaboration systems help you keep all of your data in one centralized location, so it’s easier to integrate care responsibilities and keep conversations flowing between staff and patients.³ When clinicians have ready access to these tools with purpose-built mobile phones from Spectralink, they’re able to work faster and provide better care.

Having a CC&C program that’s fully integrated with your team’s mobile phones helps you optimize:

• Alarm management
• Caregiver workflows
• Care transitions
• Critical results
• Paging responses
• Patient/family engagement
• Safety compliance
• Secure messaging
• Team collaboration
• Virtual care

Decreasing response time

Time is of the essence in healthcare, so it’s essential that alerts and patient monitoring are all coordinated in one system. In part, this involves helping caregivers distinguish between urgent matters and routine reminders for timely treatments and medications.

Spectralink mobile phones integrate perfectly with Clinical Communication and Collaboration systems so care team members have access to the same synced data and can collaborate closely. Our phones help clinicians:

• Communicate with crystal-clear voice quality
• Filter device alarms based on priority
• Manage patient events more effectively
• Access medical records in real time
• Share critical test results quickly

Virtual care

COVID has vastly increased the urgency for healthcare centers to offer virtual patient care. Clinical Communication and Collaboration systems provide an all-encompassing system to treat patients both in-person and remotely. Spectralink phones offer advanced unified communications capabilities for keeping your team in touch with patients inside and outside of your facility. When information is easy to find and systems flow faster, everyone is happier and more empowered.

Staying ahead

It’s essential that your team keeps on top of the newest technology. To optimally manage both in-office and virtual patient care, you need to provide tools they can depend on for voice, video, email and paging systems.

Spectralink mobility tools ensure that doctors and nurses keep pace with fast-changing technologies. They are also easy to manage with our AMIE management dashboard, so you never miss critical safety updates that can put sensitive patient data at risk.

Enhancing safety

Having mobile devices working in harmony with your Clinical Communication and Collaboration platform improves clinician decision-making as well as the safety of both staff and patients.

Spectralink mobile phones come with a panic button for clinicians to alert other staff in emergency situations. They also have optional barcode scanners for reading patient wristbands and prescriptions codes.

Barcode scanning gives professionals fast access to the data they need to ensure the proper treatment and medications are given. During shift changes, they also help keep your staff on the same page with the needs of each individual patient.

CC&C mobile apps

As healthcare demands grow, it’s essential that your team is working with technology that makes their jobs easier and keeps patients safer.

Spectralink phones work with the best Clinical Collaboration & Communication applications in the industry. Our mobile app partners include: Agnity, Cerner, Connexall, Dryrain, Hillrom, MD Interconnect, Mobile Heartbeat, PatientSafe, PerfectServe, Spok, Tagnos, ThoughtWire and Vocera.

Read our 6 Steps to Clinical Mobility eBook to learn more about optimizing your healthcare operations.

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