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When accidents or emergencies arise in the workplace, being prepared with safe systems can truly be a lifesaver. Spectralink enterprise smartphones give you peace of mind, as they come with features that make sure you’re always on alert in the event of a physical injury or threatening situation. Thanks to a built-in panic button and motion sensors, immediate action can be taken when it’s needed.

Spectralink SAFE offers a wide variety of safety functionality. You can configure every feature based on your specific needs and security monitoring system. In other words, you can choose to use just the detection features that best fit the needs of your work environment.

‘Running’ Notification
If the Spectralink DECT handset detects a user is running to an emergency or from a risky situation, an alarm can be triggered. In this scenario, the handset detects unusual shaking, indicating that the user is moving faster than normal. It could also be triggered in the event one of your team members suffers a seizure.

Detection can be configured with 7 levels of sensitivity. The most sensitive level triggers the alarm if the user walked faster than normal. The least sensitive level requires quite a bit of irregular movement before the warning is triggered. An additional setting: the length of time to trigger the warning can be configured from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

In the event that an incident is occurring at your workplace where an employee doesn’t have the time to notify you directly, this type of detection lets you know that unusual activity is taking place so you can investigate and call authorities if needed.

No Movement Notification
If a DECT handset remains stationary for a certain (configurable) amount of time, an alarm will indicate the user is no longer moving and an incident may have occurred. You can also configure the degree of motionlessness that triggers a warning ranging from the user is almost completely still to still moving a little bit but below the normal threshold.

In a situation where one of your staff is unable to call for help themselves – they’ve fallen and can’t reach their phone, or they’re unconscious due to injury or a medical event – this feature can literally save a life. Quick response in a medical emergency can mean the difference between life and death, as well as reducing the severity of non-life threatening emergencies.

Tilt Notification
‘Tilt’ notification sounds like it comes from pinball, but it can be a very useful detection. If the handset is tilted from a normal position (in the case of a ‘man down’ situation, for example), a notification will be triggered that an incident may have occurred.

The tilt angle settings are configurable based on your situation and preferences. For example: a Level 1 setting would require that the user be nearly prone to trigger the warning. Level 7 would trigger a warning if the user was leaning somewhat. You can also configure this so the warning is triggered only after a certain amount of time: from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

Other Configuration Settings
The SAFE features from Spectralink gives you many controls (if desired, the default settings work great as well). You can set the configuration and detection time for a pre-alarm. You can also choose the settings for the actual alarm: the ‘ring tone’ alarm sound, vibration function, display text, various icon(s), a flashing LED, and if sound is turned on or off.

Panic Button & Silent Duress
All Spectralink phones feature a panic button. The panic button is usually the red button on the top of the handset, but it may be programmed to another button. There is also a soft panic button that is available when the SAFE app is opened. The panic button produces a loud alarm and/or immediate calling to a preprogrammed emergency number.

In the event of an incident, a staff member can simply click the button to call for help. An automatic alarm call is triggered, and a notification is sent to your central security monitoring system. Silent Duress can also be triggered through a key code that provides no alert to an attacker that security has been alerted. This provides the same notifications as pressing the panic button.

Threats in the workplace can come from customers or angry coworkers. In these situations, the ability to sound a silent alarm is the safest option to keep from alerting an assailant. By putting a Spectralink device equipped with SAFE features in your employees’ hands, you are giving them a lifeline and peace of mind that help is just the press of a button away.

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