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Faced with patient wards at capacity and a healthcare labor shortage requiring more from existing team members, healthcare executives must simultaneously nurture employee satisfaction and retention, improve productivity and, above all else, maintain an exceptional standard of care for patients. With these priorities in mind, cost-effective spending decisions and return on investment are paramount. One of the best ways to meet all these objectives is to invest in clinical mobility solutions.

Built with Healthcare workers in mind

The ongoing pandemic has led to wider acceptance of a more digitized world out of sheer necessity, but trends like mobility and portability are likely to stick going forward.

As it stands, more than half of internet traffic worldwide is driven through mobile devices, with current trends indicating mobile share will increase to as high as 80%.¹

Recent consumer trend surveys report 60% of consumers expect companies to provide cutting-edge digital experiences to win their loyalty.² Executives who focus on customer experience and leverage technology to deliver better solutions are gaining a competitive advantage.

Investing in desktops or laptops for a deskless workforce won’t equip them to do their jobs more effectively. Healthcare workers need reliable mobility tools that integrate with intricate, multi-system health data networks. How many more patients could be treated in a day if clinicians never needed to run to a desktop to write prescriptions, record treatment or access patient records?

Even laptops – with their heavy weight and need for a power source – are a burden to highly-active care team members constantly on the go. Just count the efficiencies you gain when clinicians can schedule appointments, prepare follow-up care or check inventory without trips to a desk or supply room. Now imagine giving them all of the functionality and utility of a desktop or laptop in a device that fits in their scrub pockets.

Spectralink mobile healthcare solutions are purpose-built with frontline healthcare workers in mind. When work isn’t deskbound, your infrastructure shouldn’t be either.

Spectralink devices offer rugged durability

Your team’s devices need to be rugged enough to withstand the tough demands of a healthcare environment, but sophisticated enough to interoperate seamlessly with hospital networks and leading healthcare applications. Spectralink all-in-one smartphones offer both the toughness and the sleek, leading-edge utility of an enterprise device. They can withstand drops without cracking on impact and will keep on working even if they are submerged in water.

But don’t be fooled by the tough exterior of Spectralink smartphones. They are also designed to deliver crystal clear voice quality with noise suppression and echo cancellation capabilities. This helps care teams collaborate even with a constant flood of noise from overhead paging systems and alarms. Spectralink smartphones also offer exceptionally fast data connectivity for accessing patient information and employing digital technologies.

Purpose-built for efficiency and improved productivity

Spectralink clinical mobility solutions interoperate with industry-leading healthcare applications to provide your team with an incredible range of functionality. As all-in-one devices, they negate the need to maintain a ‘toolbelt’ of costly devices, which means your care teams can do more for more patients while carrying less.

Spectralink smartphones prevent germ spread by reducing physical contact with different equipment. They are also made to withstand sanitization using medical-grade solvents.

Streamlining the essentials your team uses every day means less for IT to update and maintain. Because Spectralink solutions are cross-compatible, CNOs can implement a diversified portfolio of devices to equip each member of their team with the appropriate device for their role.

Spectralink enterprise smartphones feature optional built-in barcode scanners for tracking patients, treatments, medications and supplies. Scanners reduce clerical errors and help facilitate more seamless patient-handoffs with shift changes. Having programmable, quick-access side buttons on smartphones enables healthcare professionals to access the features they use the most. Spectralink mobile phones also feature warm and truly hot-swappable battery technology for uninterrupted communication throughout a long shift.

Spectralink helps manage mobile deployment through AMIE (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises), a mobile management dashboard. AMIE makes it easy to handle the deployment, administration, analytics and diagnostics of your entire smartphone fleet. Your IT team can easily diagnose issues, assess call performance, check battery status, locate lost devices and more from a centralized location.

Improve employee satisfaction and retention

Investing in Spectralink’s leading-edge solutions demonstrates your commitment to facilitating a work environment that’s conducive to employee success and job satisfaction. All-in-one devices enable your team to immediately take on tasks easily and effectively by reducing menial work – so caretakers can get back to caretaking. Streamlining productivity across your team allows an exceptional standard of patient care to be your number-one priority.

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