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What you need to know and why security-minded organizations choose Spectralink Versity smartphones

Information security is a primary concern for many organizations with mobile communication solutions, especially in the healthcare, retail, and financial industries, where security is critical to maintaining compliance standards. Organizations must secure information that a mobile device can access. Thus, selecting a communication solution that meets the needs of end-users and promises security of corporate, employee, customer, or patient data is essential.

There are many options for mobile communication solutions ranging from enterprise-owned shared devices to consumer and BYOD, and the choice of operating systems, with the most common being iOS or Android.

It is crucial to implement a secure solution that will provide your organization with reliable communication, while also being cost-effective and offering a user- friendly experience to your mobile workforce.
How Spectralink ensures a secure mobile communication solution for your enterprise
  • Versity leverages the Android operating system. Android is the most utilized operating system for mobile devices worldwide. The flexible but secure operating system offers the reassurance of data security while still providing the flexibility to deliver the best user experience for communication and workflows.
  • Versity smartphones are built with Qualcomm’s secure chipset.  Android device security heavily depends on the hardware, and Versity smartphones are built with Qualcomm’s secure chipset to protect data both at rest and in motion.
  • Spectralink is a member of the Android Enterprise Recommended ecosystem. Versity smartphone hardware and software are designed and developed to meet or exceed Google’s stringent security requirements and are also recognized as Android recommended devices. According to Gartner, “The focus of mobile platforms is on consumer security, so they do not satisfy all enterprise-grade security requirements,”1 which amplifies the importance of an Android enterprise recommended device for the security of your enterprise’s communication solution.
How enterprise Android security compares to iOS security

IDC reported that “Security incidents are less frequent in Android-majority enterprises compared to iOS-majority deployments.”3 Also according to IDC, 74 percent of U.S.-based IT decision-makers believe Android Enterprise Recommended devices are more secure than iOS devices.

It is crucial to implement a secure solution that will provide your organization with reliable communication, while also being cost-effective and offering a user-friendly experience to your mobile workforce.

How an EMM and MDM elevates the security of your mobile devices

Utilizing an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) or MDM (Mobile Device Management) provides an extra layer of security on top of the already-secure Versity smartphones by allowing the configuration of security protocols. “For many enterprises, the risk of data leakage is a much more serious threat to the business than malware currently is.”1

EMMs allow you to control the way mobile users, devices, and apps interact with the corporate network to create a balance between productive mobile workforce operations and information security.

MDMs allow you to manage key security features on your organization’s devices, including the security and permissions associated with the installed applications, standard settings across user groups or the enterprise, enforcement of strong password protection, ability to lock or wipe a lost device, and much more.

This is crucial as “mobile applications are increasingly sources of fraud and breaches for organizations. Security and risk management leaders must follow mobile best practices to avoid data leakage from mobile devices and attacks to infrastructure.”2

When security is an organizational priority, Android is the preferred operating system for enterprise mobile communication devices.
Android security updates for Versity smartphone

Maintaining and regularly updating Android devices is crucial to sustaining device security for your enterprise, and Google requires Android Enterprise Recommended devices to have software patches at least every 90 days for a minimum of two years.

Spectralink adheres to the strictest regulatory standards, and we diligently stay up to date with Android OS improvements. We closely monitor industry reports, and if there is a critical security vulnerability, we have a process in place to release a security patch to our customers as quickly as possible. As an added benefit, Software Assurance is built into our SpectraCare service offering and provides customers with access to the latest software enhancements and security updates.

Enterprise mobility security is critical, as security breaches can impact productivity, and reputation, and cost your enterprise millions of dollars in damages. Spectralink is here to support you through your mobile communication journey and ensure you are equipped with the most secure and reliable communication solution for your enterprise.

Spectralink makes mobility work for your enterprise, securely. Have more questions about Android security or the Versity smartphone? Contact our team at