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Quick Spectralink Intro

Spectralink has decades of game-changing solutions under our belt. We’ve been on the forefront of mobility innovation and technology since 1990 and we are proud of our comprehensive, reliable, complete mobility solutions. Our people, commitment to innovation, and our passion have long been our foundation for success. There are five key differentiators for why our customers and partners choose Spectralink:

Choosing a Mobility Tool

Businesses are turning to Unified Communications (UC) systems to equip their employees with mobile tools that will allow them to work intelligently. Because of Spectralink’s broad Interoperability ecosystem, we can enable a complete range of wireless solutions based on traditional DECT, IPDECT and Wi-Fi to empower your mobile workforce.

With Spectralink, you are free to choose whichever one solution best fits your needs or a combination of devices. We are happy to help you choose the right solution based on your existing infrastructure, UC platform of choice, and budget.

Which Spectralink Product is Right for Your Business?

It’s not always an easy task to determine which solution to choose. Each serves a specific purpose, brings value, and optimizes efficiency and communications for your various end-users.

You can be sure that whichever device you choose, you will benefit from:

  • Our best-in-class voice quality constantly perfected by our amazing team of Engineers
  • The durability, ruggedness, and pocket-friendly weight only available in a Spectralink device
  • Broad Interoperability ecosystem across all key verticals
  • The expertise of our Sales, Services, and Solutions Architects teams to help you through the entire process

And your mobility solution is supported by the entire Spectralink team to protect your investment for the long term. It’s a promise that we boil down to three words:

We’re with you.


Solution Mix and Match Capabilities Through Spectralink

The good news is that with Spectralink, you can mix and match your mobility solution to meet your organization’s specific needs. Once you’ve decided on DECT or Wi-Fi devices, which this guide will help you do, you can put any combination of those solutions throughout your campus. And, whichever solution you choose, you can easily deploy, optimize, and troubleshoot your Spectralink fleet with AMIETM our enterprise mobility intelligence platform for IT and telecommunications:

Solution Management

Complete your mobility solution with Spectralink Services and our AMIE platform.

AMIE™ (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprise)

We developed the AMIE platform to provide answers and solutions to the biggest questions post-deployment on your Spectralink devices. Through AMIE, IT and Telecommunications administrators can easily manage and deploy their fleet of smartphones or DECT Solution. Diagnose issues, assess call performance, check battery status, locate their devices and much more to keep their mobile workflows operating smoothly, increasing efficiency, and getting the most out of their investment from one centralized dashboard.

Comprehensive Services and Support

From Design and Deployment to Optimization and Maintenance, Spectralink Services augment enterprise mobility success and business results, leading to better ROI. Our comprehensive Services maximize the power of mobility and are tailored to organizational needs and workflows. At Spectralink, the experience and expertise of our Professional Services Team is the difference between us and the competition.

This is an interactive document with three options for navigating through the information. Start by exploring options for voice platforms or voice versus data centric solutions. From your answers to these key decisions we will guide you through our device portfolio to ensure the right people have the right device at the right time.If you would like to explore all available options read through the document page by page without clicking on prompts.

I want to make my choices based on which voice platform will be best for my environment

I want to make my choices based on whether I need voice or data centric communications

I want to read page by page

Which voice platform

Mobile voice – how you make a call – is delivered to a device by a range of different wireless methods. Each method has a specific type of access point and a dedicated frequency range. DECT phones use a base station that connects to a legacy PBX, or to an IP-PBX to send/receive phone calls. Wi-Fi voice, also called Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN), uses a data wireless network to transmit voice and relies on connecting to a local access point.

By deciding how your various user groups will use their mobility devices, you can begin to decide whether you need a DECT or Wi-Fi solution and ultimately, the device type(s) to purchase.

First, evaluate the mix of voice and data workflows (heavy voice, no data aside from critical alarms; voice and light data applications; voice and moderate data applications; or a mix of critical voice and critical data requiring the highest processing power and largest display) necessary for each of your critical end-user groups to do their jobs. Once you know just how much voice and data your key enduser groups require, we can help evaluate your existing infrastructure and how it can best be used to achieve those goals.


  • Are you migrating or transitioning from a legacy PBX or analogue and digital cabling to new hybrid VoIP and UC Cloud based infrastructures?
  • Have you already invested substantially in existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or is an upgrade to Wi-Fi is planned soon?
Considerations DECT Wi-Fi

Convergence Strategy

Dedicated voice-only network

  • Separate networks for voice and data
  • Highly secure
  • Guaranteed QoS
  • Simple management
  • Reduced interference
Converged voice/data network

  • One network for voice and data
  • Common infrastructure
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Simple management
  • Greater IP PBX integration


DECT runs on dedicated voice frequency, so voice is never competing for resources with other data or a lower priority communication. This means call quality is high, consistently available and, with a well-planned network of base stations, can be evenly distributed across a large space. Comes with built in QoS (Quality of Service) using TDMA. Wi-Fi is for both data and voice communications. Wi-Fi clients have to compete with other devices that want to connect with the same access point, which can lead to QOS problems. Companies must have a wireless network solution that is properly configured to support good voice QoS.

Use of applications

DECT enables workplace-specific functionality, such as integration with enterprise voice systems, as well as different alarms, messaging and lone worker applications. Wi-Fi enables users to go far beyond voice by offering much more extensive data-intensive workflow applications to increase productivity and efficiency.

Building layout

Handles the radio challenges with buildings densely constructed with heavy steel and concrete. Works best in buildings designed with wide open, unobstructed spaces.


DECT functions on a closed system, minimizing IT efforts to maintain security on the wireless, as DECT Security Step A is supported. On the LAN connections,
DECT supports at least: TLS 1.3 (& older), SSRTP/ SRTP/ RTP, STUN/TURN/ICE, HTTPS
Security varies based on the system configuration and sophistication of the IT department. Wi-Fi networks can be configured to be very secure as simple as using long random passphrases or using more advanced security options like PMF and WPA2-Enterprise.

When it comes to the question of DECT or Wi-Fi, there is no easy answer; it is very dependent on the call server platform and your requirements:

  • Dedicated or converged infrastructure
  • PBX and network strategy
  • Voice and data requirements
  • Security considerations
  • Application requirements
  • Need for high-end graphical interface

The value proposition of DECT is compelling, allowing incredible voice quality and availability for a comparatively smaller investment than required for Wi-Fi. However, those looking to go beyond voice, into datarich applications, will find Wi-Fi a logical choice, especially those looking to future-proof their investments and constantly evolve with changing technology application trends.

The next step in this guide is picking which voice technology is going to work best in your environment:

I am interested in DECT voice platform

I am interested in Wi-Fi voice platform

Voice- or Data- Centric Communications

When it comes to selecting a device, there are two key paths that you can take dependent on how your employees will mainly use their device. Here are some questions to ask yourself about each of your teams or user types.

The above questions will help you decide if you need a voice- or data-centric device to equip your workers to best do their job; and it might be a different answer across different user types in your organization. At Spectralink, we have you covered by offering both solutions.

Voice-centric and data-centric filter into two key phone paths: a feature phone or a smartphone.

Feature phones can make and receive calls, send text messages, and provide some advanced features. A feature phone has a much smaller screen and a more limited text entry mechanism using a physical alpha-numeric keyboard. A feature phone may or may not include internet capabilities. Where internet capabilities are available, the features are very basic – email client and web browser with limited capabilities.

Smart phones have a big touch screen and advanced functions similar to a personal computer. The computing functions include an operating system, ability to install and run downloaded apps, email, and web browsing. As such, you can create and edit documents, run inventory software, run health monitors and medical software, and a whole lot more.

At Spectralink we have you covered by offering both solutions. Select your choice below and we will help you determine which of our devices is going to be best for your organization and teams.

I am interested in voice-centric features phones

I am interested in data-centric smart phones

Voice-centric phones

If you’ve decided that a voice-centric device is best for your users, Spectralink offers two options: DECT or a Wi-Fi Feature Phone (84 Series).

DECT Solution 84 Series Feature Phone


Works with all leading unified communications (UC) platforms

Uniquely able to migrate customers who have old cabling based upon Analogue and Digital moving to cloud services and Hosted Voice platforms

Built on open standards interoperability: Integrate with all WLAN infrastructure and all telephony platforms

Supports leading SIP telephony platforms Connects to legacy analog and digital PBXs


Superb sound quality without any echo, delay, interruptions, or interference Spectralink Voice Quality Optimization™ (VQO), is an engineered system that delivers superior voice quality through improved chipsets, enhanced roaming and scanning between APs and optimized microphone design


Broadcast messaging


MSF I/II/III Full 2-way messaging (select models)

Supports text alerts and instant messaging

Use of applications

Enables third-party application integration through an open XML-RPC protocol as Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs

Solutions include alarms and text messaging functionality that deliver safety and service benefits to users

Access to a wide range of basic applications through the inbuilt Web & XML API’s enabling broad application integration and even greater productivity for mobile employees

Through APIs, we deliver a wide range of communication and industry-specific applications that enable mobile workers efficiency and productivity


All handsets are resistant to drops and shocks making the handsets more durable than non-enterprise devices

Several handset models are IP54 or IP64 rated making them dust protected, resistant to splashing water and have a disinfectant resistant surface

IP64 rated, resistant to dust, shock and liquid damage and can be cleaned with most commonly available cleaning agents without degrading the device

Personal Safety

Personal safety and lone worker features, such as tear off strings, running detector, no movement and man down alarms Personal Safety Alarms (e.g., ‘man-down’) Panic/Duress button, PTT,

System-wide programmable emergency speed dial

Key features

76 Series offers specialized features for rough and noisy industrials and manufacturing environments, resulting in reduced downtime, increased productivity, personal safety, and security

77 Series offers specialized features for healthcare that increase the quality of patient care and safety

Allows user applications like calendar integration and email

Access to a wide range of basic applications through the inbuilt Web & XML APIs

Simple form factor featuring physical buttons for an easy-to-use solution that enables immediate communication without a lock screen or sign on

Glass free for clean environments

The main difference between our DECT Solution and the 84 Series Feature phone is that one uses a DECT voice platform and the other uses a Wi-Fi platform (to learn more about the differences in these voice platforms, see this “which voice platform” guide.) Both options are durable, reliable phones you can count on that deliver on the fundamental need for enterprise grade voice and a dependable user experience with easy to use buttons and interfaces, no matter how tough your environment.

So, which solution sounds like it would work best for you?

I am interested in a DECT Solution

I want to find out more about 84 Series Feature phone

DECT Solutions

If your choice is a DECT Solution, the Spectralink DECT Portfolio consists of a range of wireless DECT handsets and servers with features and solutions that empower mobile workers across different industries. The modular nature and scalability of the servers make sure that any organization’s needs can be matched. Moreover, all handsets are compatible with each DECT server, making it possible to combine several models in a single wireless system so you can choose the right handset device for each employee based on their specific needs.


Spectralink has a range of feature rich, reliable, and durable DECT handsets that have been designed with exactly the right feature set and tools to empower your users– like highest quality voice connections, backlit displays for dimly lit areas, panic button, two-way text messaging and much more.

DECT handsets also have options for users who require specifically designed handsets for key vertical market needs and additional features like “Man Down” and alarm buttons for staff safety and lone/remote worker environments.

200 400 6500 VIP-DECT Server One 8000

PBX Integration


Base Stations

1 (Built in) 1 +9 1,024 2048 1,024 1,024


12 60 4,096 4,096 1,008 4,095

Simultaneous call

12 12 1,024 1,024 1,008 1,024


The Spectralink DECT Server Series includes a range of wireless servers for businesses of all sizes. The Spectralink DECT Servers are flexible and scalable solutions that can be easily integrated with your IP-PBX / UC Call Control platforms. Running on open standards, the Spectralink DECT servers can integrate with a long list of third-party applications and be customized to your business needs.

7502 7202 7212 7522 7532 7622 7642 7722 7742


Voice standard telephony function + targeted messaging Voice standard telephony, for shift operations Voice standard telephony, for shift operations freedom to use both hands Compact, lightweight, advanced telephony Headset – jack Compact, lightweight, advanced telephony B/T Headset option Icons, advanced telephony, headset option for shift operations Icons, mandown, no movement, running with tearoff alarms for shift operations Icons, advanced telephony, headset option for shift operations Icons, headset option, mandown, no movement, running with tearoff alarms for shift operations


Targeted messaging Alarm, Handset Sharing Alarm, Handset Sharing 2-way Messaging, Handset Sharing 2-way Messaging, Handset Sharing Alarm, Handset Sharing Automatic Alarm Call Handset Sharing Alarm, Handset Sharing Automatic Alarm Call Handset Sharing SAFE

Secure messaging

MSF I / Receive only (24 characters) MSF I/II Full 2-way messaging MSF I/II Full 2-way messaging MSF I/II Full 2-way messaging MSF I/II Full 2-way messaging MSF I/II Full 2-way messaging MSF I/II Full 2-way messaging MSF I/II Full 2-way messaging MSF I/II Full 2-way messaging


No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Spectralink offers the industry’s most versatile DECT solutions for the workplace. Through our solution partners, we offer a wide range of functional and industry-specific applications that enable enterprise mobile workers to do their job better by becoming more productive wherever they may be within the work environment. With the right in-building DECT solution, you can dramatically improve responsiveness, productivity, and customer to solve your everyday needs – helping you to focus on your business.

I want to find out more about Spectralink DECT solutions

Wi-Fi Feature Phone or Wi-Fi Smartphone

Wi-Fi voice phones are available in two main types: smartphones controlled by a touch screen and feature phones controlled by physical key pad.

Need/Requirement 84 Series (Wi-Fi Feature Phone) Versity Family (Wi-Fi Smartphone)


Yes No


No Yes

Scanning Capabilities

No Yes

Larger screen for data heavy communications

No Yes

Voice centric communications only

Yes No

Value and functionality beyond voice

No Yes

SAFE Features

Limited Yes


Limited Yes

Android Operating system

No Yes


Durable Rugged

IP Rating

IP64 IP 65 (Versity 92) and IP 68 (Versity 95)

EMM/MDM Needed

No Yes

Once you’ve decided on a Wi-Fi device, the choice really boils down to one thing: do you need mostly voice-critical communications (calls, Push-to-Talk, simple text messaging), or do you need access to leading applications for work-flow efficiency that go beyond voice. For more basic functionality in a trusted, cost-effective, highly durable device, 84 Series might be the right choice. However, if you require access to applications now or in the future, the Versity family is the direction to choose.

Versity 95 Series or Versity 92 Series Smartphones

Spectralink’s Versity Family of Wi-Fi enterprise-grade smartphones puts best-inclass voice and industry-leading applications into a light, durable, all-in-one mobility solution for your mobile workers.

With different price points, processing power, and size, the Versity family of smartphones is designed to complement each other and provide the best Wi-Fi smartphone solution for all types of workers.

Versity 95/96 Series Versity 92 Series

Device Summary

The Versity 95/96 Series is Spectralink’s premium enterprise-grade smartphone solution. This best-in-class device is perfect for voice-critical, zero downtime, rugged 24×7 environments that demand superior power and application functionality. Spectralink’s Versity 92 Series mobile solution delivers voice-critical communications and leading workflow applications in a sleek, compact, durable, and cost-effective enterprise-grade smartphone.


True hot swappable batteries for zero downtime Swappable battery that can be separately charged

Application usage

Ideal for data driven workflows (lengthier communications, patient records) and more complex applications Ideal for task management workflows (check lists and check box flows)


Rugged; toughest device in the market with IP68 rating for water and dust resistance and military drop standard 810G at 1.8 meters Durable design for demanding environments with IP65 rating for water and dust resistance and military drop standard 810H at 1.5 meters


Large 5.2″ display for better worker experience for users of heavy data application 4″ display with narrow form factor for easy grip and one hand use

Versity 95 Series

Versity 95/96 is the premium smartphone option for front line workers working in the harshest of environments who need 24×7 communication access (Versity 95 has the only truly hot swappable battery on the market.) The large 5.2″ screen provides an immersive experience to easily read text and review content. Versity 95 offers the strongest capabilities in the most rugged, enterprise smartphone on the market.

Versity 96 Series

Versity 96 Series is Spectralink’s premium enterprise-grade LTE Cellular enabled smartphone and allows true anywhere, anytime communication and collaboration inside and outside the four walls.

Versity 92 Series

Versity 92 Series, the more compact and cost-effective option, features a 4” touchscreen and is a tool for task management, voice communication, mid-range applications, and data access. Ideal for those with less data-intensive workflows but who still need alert notifications and potential scanning capabilities.

The Versity Family of enterprise grade smartphones puts knowledge and information into users’ hands to increase efficiency, improve communications, and foster a better work environment with reliable, durable, uninterrupted communication around the clock.

If your job requires working outside the main facility, such as providing care in the community, moving between plants, delivering curbside orders, or walking between buildings where the coverage might be lacking, having an LTE enabled device ensures you are always available, wherever you are. We’ve got you covered with the Versity 96 Series LTE Cellular enabled smartphone solution. It has all the same functionality and specifications as our Versity 95 Series but enables true anywhere, anywhere time communication and collaboration. (Only available in EMEA and APAC)

I want to find out more about the Versity 95/96 Series

I want to find out more about the Versity 92 Series

Our dedication to listening and understanding the needs of our customers is the foundation of our industry leading solutions. This combined with a robust ecosystem of technology and applications enables Spectralink to continuously deliver superior voice quality, data messaging and collaboration tools to customers throughout the world.

If you’re looking for support in unifying your mobile workforce, office employees and remote workers, we’re with you.

Connectivity, productivity, and cost effectiveness are all at the top of the agenda. And it’s through our capability, mobility, experience, trust and success that we help you achieve those goals. We empower your frontline workers with a mobile solution to improve communication, collaboration, engagement, productivity, and safety.

Contact us to learn how Spectralink can help empower your mobile workforce.

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