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  • Certified and tested with market-leading Call Control and UC (IP-PBX) platforms
  • Resistance to disinfectants and easy clean keypad membrane reduces the risk of spreading bacteria and diseases
  • Tear-off pull-cord string and alarm button increases security for personnel in high-risk environments
  • Automatic alarms (if man down, no movement or running is detected) further increases personal safety
  • Secure 2-way messaging support
  • Enhanced DECT Security

The Spectralink 7722 and 7742 wireless DECT handsets combine the high demands for hygiene with enhanced responsiveness and personal safety and are specially designed for environments where mobility and communication are critical factors in healthcare and elderly care environments and equally utilized in energy and utilities as well as nuclear power plants. The intuitive, ruggedized, and disinfectant-resistant wireless DECT handsets are designed to enable healthcare personnel to be mobile while still within quick
reach in critical situations. Integrated with third-party eco-system applications, like nurse call or equipment monitoring systems, alarm icons, and the integrated alarm button ensure immediate reaction in emergency situations.

Spectralink 7722 Handset
The Spectralink 7722 handset is disinfectant-resistant with a membrane keypad for easy cleaning to minimize and avoid the spread of bacteria and disease. The IP-64 compliant handset is dustproof and protected against splashing water, enabling caretakers to help patients in wet rooms without detaching the handset.

Spectralink 7742 Handset
The Spectralink 7742 handset extends the capabilities of the Spectralink 7722 handset. Personal safety is reinforced with automatic alarms detectors such as man down and running and a tear-off pullcord string alarm. With the expanded safety features, the Spectralink 7742 handset is ideal for personnel within psychiatric wards, emergency
departments and other areas where staff’s safety might be at risk.

Spectralink 7722, 7742

• TFT color display: 65,000 colors, eight lines of text, 128×160 pixels
• Date and time in display*
• Four-way navigation key
• Auto key lock
• Alarm key – ready for alarm application**
• Speed dial
• 12 different ringtones and adjustable ring volume
• Special ring tones for noisy environments
• Adjustable alerting volume (low battery/ low coverage/ incoming message)
• Alerting on silent mode (display flash or short ring)
• Headset jack
• Ringtone in headset
• Speaker on auto-answer
• Loud speaker/handsfree
• Vibrating alert
• Caller ID
• Telephone book with 350 entries
• Call list of incoming/missed/received calls
• Call list saved in non-volatile memory (up to 40 calls)
• Task list saved in non-volatile memory (up to 50 tasks)**
• Messaging (180 characters)*
• Alarm icons and messaging**
• Disinfectant resistant
• Membrane keypad for easy cleaning
• LED**
• Handset Sharing***
• Full Slot DECT radio
• Software Update Over The Air (SUOTA)*
• Configuration Over The Air (COTA)*
• 15 menu languages (UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, NL, CZ, PL, DK, NO, SV, FI, PT, RU, TR)
• Subscriptions supported: 15

Spectralink 7742 Additional Features

• Bluetooth headset connection
• Tear-off string**
• Man down detector**
• No movement detector**
• Running detector**
• Automatic Alarm Call***

* System-dependent feature. See Feature Reference Guide on support pages at for details.
** Application dependent feature.
*** License required.

77 Series Chargers and Accessories

Complete your communication solution with 77 Series chargers and accessories. Spectralink offers versatile charging options, including multi-battery chargers and dual chargers.

Single Charger

•AC powered Single Charger without USB for charging one handset and one battery
• The charger with USB port is used only for maintenance and service (i.e., for
upgrading handset firmware)

Dual Charger

• AC powered Dual Charger without USB for charging one handset and one battery
• The charger with USB port is used only for maintenance and service (i.e., for
upgrading handset firmware)

Belt Clip

• With Belt Clip connector
• Easy to clip on and off the handset
• The Belt Clip and mounting screw are included

Belt Clip Connector

• Connects the handset to the Belt Clip


• AC powered
• Use as a desk stand or mount on the wall
• Ability to combine and assemble as many as needed

Battery Cover Replacement

•  Available in Black, Cool Gray, and Yellow

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