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Whether you are an enterprise organization or a small business, unified communications (UC) can help you improve some of the most critical aspects of running your business, from boosting productivity to increasing your top and bottom line.

Why UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), is one of the most efficient ways to manage communication and collaboration across a business. UCaaS delivers cloud-based communications (voice and video calling, chat, document sharing, virtual meeting rooms, etc.) to help users stay connected and productive from any location. This allows businesses to centralize both their internal communications between employees and their external facing dialogues with customers and manage all communications within a single platform.

5 Benefits of UCaaS for Your Organization

The primary benefits of moving to cloud communications include:

  1. Connect your staff and teams together.
    Give your teams the necessary tools to collaborate and work seamlessly no matter how your teams  may be organized and distributed geographically – or however they connect, wired or untethered. UCaaS streamlines your communications to improve your teams’ efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Intelligently allocate staff resources.
    Less hardware maintenance means that you can optimize your staff resources and deploy them in high priority areas where needed based on business needs rather than building design & limitations.
  3. Reduce your operating costs.
    Shared data centers deliver UC&C (Unified Communication & Collaboration) services more efficiently than onsite infrastructure, reducing the expenses of hardware maintenance or upgrades.
  4. Scale your communications with ease.
    Cloud-based communications can dynamically grow as your company’s needs grow over time. Seamlessly scale your communications to evolving requirements.
  5. Enhance your security.
    Cloud-based service providers typically have stringent measures in place to monitor networks for known threats and potential vulnerabilities.

Modernize your DECT Infrastructure

For multi-site organizations, centralizing your voice communications along with UCaaS has many benefits. For one, this suite of cloud-based communication tools can be fully integrated with your daily workflows to increase productivity by allowing employees at different locations to more easily collaborate across different mediums. In addition, you can use your multi-cell IP-DECT infrastructure to continue delivering high-quality and secure voice communications across all enterprise environments.

Spectralink’s IP-DECT Solutions Now Integrate with RingCentral Office

Spectralink’s multi-cell IP-DECT solutions now integrate with RingCentral Office to help companies continue their digital transformation journey with a modern unified approach. RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business communications system that integrates voice, fax, text, online meetings, conferencing, and collaboration. Companies can connect Spectralink’s multi-cell IP-DECT platforms with RingCentral Office for convenient centralized management of your communications network.

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Spectalink multi-cell IP-DECT solutions also integrate with all RingCentral branded solutions like Avaya Cloud Office. Spectralink’s DECT technology operates on a dedicated frequency and provides wireless mobility with long range and handsets. Additional communication tools that are part of our DECT solution include:

  • Two-way secure messaging, alerts & alarms, and
  • Lone worker & man-down solutions together with location tracking

All of these features keep your employees connected no matter what the situation.


Ensuring smooth communications for your distributed business is essential for driving growth. UC changes the way teams collaborate and in turn, how your workforce succeeds. With Spectralink multi-cell IP-DECT solutions and a leading UCaaS platform like RingCentral, your business teams can better navigate customer engagements, increase workflow productivity, and optimize resources by centralizing administration of all your communication needs.

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