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Founded in 1847, Burger is a family business run by the sixth generation, becoming an exceptional French industrial saga from its Alsatian cradle “Val d’Argent”, halfway between Strasbourg and Mulhouse. Today, Burger is the leading European provider of interior and exterior wooden structures, with a unique know-how in the art of wood-working. Burger are constantly rising to new challenges, and recently launched the increasingly popular Booa-design houses.

Company Growth Prompts Need for a New Telephony System

With the company expanding throughout France, their old telephony system, which was an Alcatel Omni PCX system, no longer suited the company’s need to grow. They required improved communication and chat services, to improve productivity and efficiency and benefit more from employee collaboration; as Burger recognized inefficiencies within their manufacturing plant, with staff wasting a lot of time trying to call people who weren’t available or responding to left messages.

The large manufacturing and administrative site faced significant challenges relating to the deployment of a mobility solution, not just the size of the campus and location, but the plant comprises of several metallic structures. Plus, employees moved frequently between the storage, manufacturing, and administrative buildings. The key objective for Burger was to ensure employees could communicate between buildings, with no ‘black-spots’; so calls wouldn’t be dropped – especially if an employee required assistance.

Burger looked at a few solutions but knew they wanted to integrate with their chosen Cisco platform. Diatem, the reseller, completed an initial study with the view to implement a Wi-Fi solution. However, to overcome the issues of size, geography, and metallic structures (as mentioned above), the requirements for additional antennas to cover the whole site was far too high. At this time Diatem looked to Spectralink, knowing they were the Cisco Preferred Solutions Partner and global leader in the provision of DECT solutions.

A DECT Wireless Solution

The Spectralink DECT in-building wireless solution was able to offer an integrated solution, key to Burger, allowing them to use Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager. They opted for the Spectralink 7532 DECT handset and accompanying infrastructure, which included server, base stations and repeaters. The complete solution was easily deployed by Diatem with support from Spectralink, ensuring all Burger employees instantly benefited from improved communication and collaboration, which in turn increased productivity and optimized daily workflows with easier and faster access to the information they need to perform their day to day tasks.

“We required the need for improved communication and chat…deployment was very easy…this allowed us to be become totally autonomous and have a solution that works very well.”

Nicolas Weiten – IT Manager Burger

To discover how Nicolas and Burger employees use and benefit from the Spectralink-Cisco Solution, watch our video below.

Plus, specifically for other resellers, hear from Diatem and Cisco about how the Spectralink-Cisco partnership can benefit you – watch our partnership interview.