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UCaaS can help transform your retail operationsHealthcare is a team effort. Nurses, doctors, technicians, pharmacists, administrators and therapists all need to communicate, collaborate and have fast access to health records to deliver effective care that improves patient outcomes. Health systems have also become more mobile with physicians working in multiple locations, nurses moving from floor to floor and lab techs working off-site. Still, their need to always be available is greater than ever.

Cloud-based mobile solutions make it easier for clinicians to work and collaborate from anywhere. They also facilitate compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

What is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, is a single platform with a suite of applications that allow healthcare professionals to access information, collaborate with colleagues and communicate with patients and team members. Healthcare operations across the globe are transitioning from legacy PBX phone systems to new, Internet-based Unified Communication (UC) solutions like MS Teams, RingCentral and Zoom.

UC solutions provide high-quality voice communications, cloud-based voice and video calling, chat, document sharing and virtual meetings. In addition to connecting clinicians, UCaaS also simplifies the work of IT by reducing the number of connection points, infrastructure hardware and interface requirements that communications previously required. Having UC benefits healthcare operations of all sizes by improving efficiency, security and patient care while reducing operational expenses.

Keep clinicians and patients connected

Besides helping clinicians communicate and collaborate efficiently while on the move, UCaaS solutions help support telehealth initiatives by allowing patients to communicate with their providers via text, voice, instant message and video chat. The best UC solutions integrate with leading third-party healthcare applications that allow for compliant data exchange. This ensures that providers can securely share and update electronic health records (EHRs) from wherever they are.

Improve patient care

Consolidating communications into a single platform improves efficiency, which in the medical field can be the difference between life and death. It speeds response times to patient and system alarms, plus improves workflows that maximize the availability of staff and equipment, so patients get the care they need quickly.

Reduce costs

Traditional communications systems are costly investments that require constant upkeep, which strains IT resources. Moving these services to the cloud and outsourcing management to a UCaaS provider substantially reduces costs and enables flexible scalability of your communications systems. And since updates to the UC platform are performed by your provider, you’re able to reduce IT costs and system downtime.

Spectralink’s Versity 92 and 95 series incorporate leading wireless voice and PBX integration capabilities with Android to create the industry’s best enterprise smartphones. Versity phones not only provide mobile workers with high-quality voice calling but also include video calling, scheduling and collaboration tools in addition to supporting their current Android business applications and barcode scanning needs.

UCaaS simplifies the way healthcare teams collaborate by ensuring seamless communications across distances and different platforms with one centralized solution. With Spectralink mobile phone systems and a leading UCaaS platform, clinicians can increase workflow productivity, optimize resources and address patient needs far better than ever.

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