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Covid-19 and the Great Resignation have transformed enterprise as we know it. As job dissatisfaction amongst frontline workers continues, and employee turnover is not slowing much, employers are left trying to figure out how to keep existing employees happy while still protecting their bottom line. Employee turnover has been shown to cost an enterprise between 1.5 – 2x the cost of an employee’s salary, not to mention the cost in time and effort to onboard new employees.

Additionally, employers have had to make many changes over the last several years to adapt to the pandemic. From going to remote or hybrid working environments to putting in costly sanitization and cleaning systems in order to keep their work environments safe. Compound that with the ever-present threat of violence in the workplace that employers must now address, it has been a difficult time for enterprise.

However, many businesses are beginning to recognize that investing in a mobile technology solution now will help to save money in the long run. Mobile technology can help improve employee satisfaction, which helps to reduce staff turnover and increase operational efficiency that can reduce costly errors and save hours of time.

“When you invest in digital technology, it’s about more than acquiring new systems to optimize operations. You should think about how digital technology can transform the way your business creates value. You can use digital technology to rethink and improve every aspect of your business model—from customer relationships to key processes and your value proposition.”
– Anna Walkowiak, a Senior Business Advisor and Business Model Innovation Lead at BDC.
How to use mobile technology to improve your bottom line Increased Collaboration

Enterprise mobile phones connect your teams to one another, ensuring staff can effectively communicate wherever they work. Plus, through integration with leading UC platforms, your teams can go beyond simple calling and can connect through video conferencing, group chat, secure text, and so much more. File sharing capabilities accessible on mobile devices means teams can collaborate on projects and access the same information like an EHR in healthcare, up-to-date inventory information in retail, or guest preferences in hospitality, without ever needing to find a computer or work station.

Improved Service

Purpose-built enterprise smartphones empower frontline and mobile workers to work smarter and faster. Mobile technology enables efficient task management, constant access to information, and streamlined workflows from anywhere across the worksite or campus. This ensures that these mobile workers can care for patients, service customers, or attend to guests much faster and more efficiently. Being able to connect with customers or guests from anywhere while accessing any information they might need helps to improve their experience, and in turn, increase their brand loyalty. Additionally, better collaboration amongst healthcare teams, faster access to information, and the ability to connect with patients, their alarms, and their needs from anywhere helps to improve patient satisfaction and, in turn, improve patient outcomes.

Safer Work Environment

Employees are constantly at risk in the workplace. From everyday fall and slip hazards, to working with dangerous machinery, to a potential active shooter or natural disaster situations, mobile workers need more ways to feel safer on the job. By equipping workers with mobile technology that serves as a lifeline wherever they work, they are able to quickly and quietly summon help at the push of a button.

Contract Spectralink today to learn more about how mobile technology can help your enterprise maximizing operational efficiencies and help to improve employee satisfaction and safety on the job.

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