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Healthcare Solutions

EHR/EMR Integration

Health providers’ preferred method of data implementation is the EHR. With EHR systems quickly becoming the backbone of healthcare organizations, the need to integrate is no longer seen as a luxury but a necessity.

Our clinical mobility solutions integrate with leading EHR / EMR providers to streamline on-site patient care. This integration eliminates the need for nurses to log in and out of PC terminals, giving them more immediate access to real-time patient information – right at their fingertips.

But EHR / EMR apps do more than provide patient medical information. They also enable:

  • Testing
  • Alerts / Alarm management
  • Barcode medical administration

EHR / EMR applications streamline clinical workflows by:

  • Providing Patient information at the point of care
  • Real-time access to validated, up-to-date patient data with no lag
  • Reducing staff walking and inefficiencies
  • Streamline and synthesize administrative and clinical workflows for greater efficiency
  • Helping clinicians track historical patient data to keep tabs on their current health
  • Improving the quality of patient care
  • Electronic patient data integration allows you to go paperless, using digital patient intake forms, feedback forms, and survey forms to collect patient information.

All of these enhance both the clinical and administrative practice management for your healthcare facility, empowering you to offer patients better treatment, care, and satisfaction.

Mobile Application Partners

Spectralink is proud to partner with leading EHR/EMR providers