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Digitally savvy customers are demanding more from retailers than ever before. Consumers expect seamless, omnichannel shopping experiences and want everything – whether on or offline – to be connected all the time. This is why more and more retailers are moving away from stationary phones, single-task devices and laptop computers in favor of purpose-built, all-in-one mobile phones.

Recent consumer data shows that COVID-19 caused global e-commerce sales to grow to $26.7 trillion.¹ The pandemic has also driven shoppers to expect more tech-forward customer experiences when in the store. Shoppers are armed with phones to cross reference product and pricing information. More than half of the world’s internet traffic is now going through mobile devices and this number is expected to increase as high as 80% in the coming years.² Shoppers expect stores to be on the mobile bandwagon as well.

After two intense years in a primarily virtual world, digital tools are now a competitive necessity to making your customers’ shopping experiences stand out. Recent consumer trend surveys report 60% of customers believe companies should provide cutting-edge digital experiences to win their loyalty.³ This is why future-forward retail executives are now capitalizing on mobile trends to create more customer-centric shopping experiences. There’s simply never been a more critical time to invest in retail mobility solutions.

As a leading global provider of all-in-one mobility tools and related infrastructure, Spectralink offers retailers purpose-built smartphones that turn sales associates into overachievers overnight.

Empower your retail staff
Retail associates need to move around constantly as well as have access to the latest retail tools and applications. Investing in infrastructure that tethers them to a point of sale register or requires them to leave customers behind as they go search for answers in the stockroom will no longer suffice.

All-in-one mobility solutions from Spectralink help you take on this challenge by empowering your team to become highly efficient, trusted and knowledgeable customer experience guides. By gaining the ability to move about freely with specially built retail smartphones, your staff can facilitate insight-rich experiences that delight customers and keep them coming back for more. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages your team will enjoy.

Tracking inventory and facilitating sales
Spectralink enterprise smartphones feature optional built-in scanners that make it easy to track inventory and locate products in other locations. A quick scan of a barcode on a product or store shelf enables your team to locate items in other stores or your warehouse. With the right application installed, they can even process an order pickup or delivery on the spot.

Spectralink smartphones come with programmable, quick-access side buttons that allow your retail team to access the features they use the most. They also come with easily changeable batteries, so your employees never need to stop to charge phones mid-shift.

Industry-leading voice communications
Spectralink mobile phones offer proprietary Voice Quality Optimization™ (VQO™) technology that ensures superior communications – so your staff will always enjoy crystal-clear communications with in-store colleagues, customers or coworkers in other locations. Spectralink phones are also built to provide stable connections that don’t break up or disconnect. This makes for a better experience when your team is providing sales assistance, reaching out to other stores, scheduling pickups and deliveries, or calling other crew members for backup.

Rugged durability
Spectralink all-in-one mobile phones deliver the convenience, portability and familiarity of a personal smartphone with the powerful utility of an enterprise device. They are also the toughest smartphones in the market. Even without a case, Versity smartphones are built not to break or crack when you drop them, plus they stand up to dust and even water immersion.

Purpose-built efficiency
As retailers acclimate to ‘the new normal’ in a post-pandemic world, it’s important to be able to attract and retain good employees by providing tools that make their jobs easier and more enjoyable. Implementing all-in-one mobile solutions are a great way to show leadership and create a better work environment for your entire team. They will appreciate being able to do more while carrying less!

If sanitation is a concern, it’s good to know our devices are designed to withstand medical-grade cleaning solvents. Spectralink phones also feature extra-large displays and are easy to grip for one-handed use.

Streamlining the essentials your team uses every day means you’ll have less equipment to implement, train employees on and maintain. Because Spectralink solutions are cross-compatible, you can implement different types of devices to different members of your team to match the needs of their particular role.

Managing your mobile fleet
To help your IT team manage your mobile devices across your operation, Spectralink offers AMIE (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises). It’s a centralized dashboard your team can access anywhere that makes it easy to deploy and manage an entire fleet of smartphones. AMIE also helps you diagnose issues, assess call performance, check battery status, locate missing devices and monitor where devices are needed most to improve the efficiency of your operations.

Improved employee satisfaction and retention
Investing in Spectralink’s leading-edge solutions facilitates a work environment that’s conducive to retail staff success and overall job satisfaction. All-in-one devices enable retail workers to do their jobs more effectively. As a result, improved workflow across your team allows exceptional standard of customer service to be your number-one priority.

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